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Encouraging Social Responsibility: Creating a Sustainable Culture for Giving Back (Part I)

By Star Report 3 min read

Life is busy, and your inbox is always full. The constant balance of work, family life, and community outreach always seem to be out of balance. It leaves you wondering, “Is my daily grind worth it?”

What if your daily “grind” wasn’t a grind at all? What if your job connected you to your community, helped you make a difference, and reminded you that some things are more important than what’s waiting in your inbox? In a world where we don’t just work to live, but we also yearn to work to give back, you can have it all.

Creating sustainability is always among one of the objectives of an organization, but sustainability can be a broad word. The sustainability of the future, that of giving back, is one that organizations across the globe are adopting and initiating to align with their company goals and mission. Companies that seek to build a strong culture that embraces the spirit of generosity and inspires their employees to do the same quickly realize that by doing so, their employees are more connected, more understanding, and more engaged in their work. Powerful things happen when companies genuinely care about giving back and empower their people to do the same.

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Has your company ever participated in a team building event? One of the best ways to build a strong culture that seeks to give back is through team building! Team building opportunities can be big or small, a few hours or a few minutes, in the office or out of town, but they should always be thoughtful, rewarding, and wildly fun (this last one is important). When employees have fun together, it builds camaraderie and loyalty, which leads to a more enjoyable and meaningful work environment.

Whether you’re incorporating an incentivized way for your employees to begin giving back or making it an entire team outing, driving your employees to engage on this new level allows them to further connect with one another and their community. Take it one step further, encourage them to give their time and efforts to a cause they have a personal connection with; that is a big way that teams alike can join forces and bond even more. The “right” team building event or community outreach initiatives will have employees feeling inspired, motivated, and proud to work for an organization that cares.

So stop the daily grind and start learning, laughing, and giving through a new version of sustainability, that of giving back! Doing so will be a testament to the generous spirit of your company that will provide positive results that form when working together on creative initiatives that spark employee engagement. The world and the workforce will be a better place when we all work to give!

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Originally published Jul 12, 2018 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 7, 2024

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