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How to Encourage Employees to Behave in a Socially Responsible Manner (Part III)

By Star Report 3 min read

By Erin Lyons, Communications Specialist - New Home Star //

Social responsibility at its very core is designed around the concept of giving back. As the great Greek fabulist, Aesop, once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” As a leading firm in the real estate industry, New Home Star chooses to lead by example by encouraging social responsibility at every level of our organization. Looking at the homebuilding industry in specific, how can you as a sales leader uniquely incorporate this concept into your operations?

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Give the Gift of Homeownership to Someone in Need

For almost every American, the goal is to achieve the American Dream: homeownership. But for some, this goal may be further out of reach or just unattainable. There are several organizations dedicated to providing the opportunity of home ownership to those who are otherwise unable to achieve this life goal. Non-profits such as First Story, Habitat for Humanity, and Purple Heart Homes all dedicate their missions to this very idea while actively recruiting volunteers to take part in the build process! Not only is this a new way to positively impact in your area for the better, but it allows you to directly make change in your own industry that you operate within.

Local Charities and Nonprofits

Looking for a long-term or recurring initiative for your sales teams to participate in together? Volunteering locally is a great way to ensure you are living out your values of sustaining a culture of socially responsible individuals while not having to stray too far from your daily routines! There are dozens, if not hundreds, of charities and nonprofits right in your backyards; why not extend your assistance and strengthen the relationship with another organization nearby? Some examples of places to volunteer your time or sponsorship capabilities include prepping, serving, or packaging food at soup kitchens, planting trees around your town in an effort to help conserve wildlife, spend the day at a senior or children living facility, or even take part in the neighborhood little league! By finding charities and nonprofits on a local level, you’re able to encourage your team to consistently take part in volunteer initiatives on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. The best part about giving back locally is that you can establish long-term relationships with the organizations you host volunteer events with and help out those right in your area!

National Events and Initiatives

Reiterating what I said regarding local charities in nonprofits, there are SO many organizations that your team can dedicate your time to collectively! With the same perspective in mind, try taking it up a notch and getting involved in a national event or initiative. Whether you’re taking part nationally recognized fundraising event, such as the annual St. Jude Children’s Cancer Center Telethon or you’re walking for a cure on behalf of the Alzheimer's Association, there is always time to give and people in need. By taking part in a national event or initiative, your teams can identify and select large-scale organizations that can more easily connect to their personal lives due to their wide-spread credibility.

By looking at three main categories of how you can encourage your sales teams to give back and encourage the notion of social responsibility, I hope you are inspired to kick-start your own initiative to get involved now! Not only does growing and maintaining a socially responsible sales team enable your teams to get out and give back to those in need, but it will provide countless ways for team members to bond in a new way. So get out there, give back, and instill these values in your organizational efforts now so that we can all create a socially responsible and sustainable future for our industry.

Originally published Jul 25, 2018 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 7, 2024

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