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Workplace Communication Software

Connect Your Culture With
Workplace Communication Software

Socialize, share success stories, and compete through our gamification system. The social aspect of the platform brings your whole sales team together, no matter where they live.

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Activity Feed 1 (1)

Activity Feed

This advanced content feed showcases recognition, insight, and collaboration.

  • Post questions, recognize teammates, and celebrate wins.
  • Easily comment on other users’ posts.
  • Engage with professionals across the country.
Gamification System 1

Gamification System

Encourage your sales team to compete against their peers, earn badges, and win prizes.

  • Earn points when engaging with others' posts.
  • Develop friendly competition.
  • Build a stronger, more engaged team.
Leaderboard 1


Ignite the competitive spirit as your team competes for the number one spot on annual, quarterly, and monthly performance ladders. 

  • Compete against users from across the nation.
  • Earn points and badges.
  • Discover the number of sales made by all users.

Gifting Fulfillment - Coming Soon!

Are you looking to take your team’s engagement to another level? Recognize special occasions and milestones like birthdays and anniversaries with a fully automated gifting system.

Special Occasions

More New Home Sales Are a Click Away

We designed New Home Connect™ to help you achieve it all — retaining your sales team, lowering cost per lead, and simply selling more homes.


What is the monthly subscription fee?

Subscription fees vary based on user count and included services. We can tailor the service package exclusively to you. 

Each package includes a New Home Connect™ subscription, monthly coaching session, quarterly strategy session, and an in-market kickoff boot camp. 

What type of activities do you reward within the portal?

Users receive awards for doing many tasks and activities. This includes completing training, scoring perfect assessment scores, engaging with others via Peer Learning and the Feed, and much more!

Can I customize the activity feed for my team?

We can provide a tailored and custom white-label solution if you want a more custom experience for your company and team members. Please let one of our representatives know if you are interested in this.

What will it cost to do the gifting add-on to the platform?

We offer many packages that can be added to your service agreement to cover the gifting functionality. These can improve workplace culture and engagement within your organization. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, or specific achievements within the platform. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about this.

Why is there a culture-building section in a sales enablement platform?

We firmly believe that team members who are inspired, motivated, and feel part of something greater than themselves will perform exceptionally well — and ultimately truly value what they are a part of. Because of this, we have created a platform that makes culture-building front and center in its design.

Many of our builder partners already have great cultures within their organizations, and by aligning that with this platform, they can expand and spread this company culture even further.