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Home Builder Sales Training and
Certifications Ready Now

Consistency is key. That’s why we designed our organized curriculum for all user levels — new hires, veterans, and leadership — making it easy to implement.

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Most Comprehensive Training in the Industry

500 + Training Modules
Recruit Top Talent
7 Senior Trainers
54k k Answered Questions
4.5 min Average Video Length
Quick Start Onboarding (1) 1

Quick-Start Onboarding

Our structured onboarding plan gets new hires up to speed in just four weeks. Your agents will learn the critical path and best practices for sales success.

  • Learn from comprehensive online video training.
  • Dive into workbooks and training manuals.
  • Take quizzes and earn badges.
Weekly Curriculum 1

Weekly Curriculum

When the market changes, you’ll be ready. Agents can access a curated set of training classes consisting of live workshops and training courses. 

  • Stay up to date on new market challenges.
  • Learn skills and techniques from elite professionals.
  • Master the concepts needed to sell new homes.

Training Courses

This is the industry’s most comprehensive library of new home sales training.
New Home Connect™ offers over 500 classes taught by industry veterans, including:

New Leads
Critical Path

Taking a customer from welcome to commitment across five phases.

Guiding Principles

Learn three formulas to tackle any sales challenge that comes
your way. 

Advanced Concepts

Master the sales experience with proven veteran concepts.

Virtual Sales

Discover a structured process that will help your agents sell new homes in a virtual environment. 

Recruit Top Talent
Buyer Segmentation

Explore customer profiles and dive into motivations, needs, and tactics.

Increase Sales Numbers
Consultant Marketing

Learn best practices and strategies to boost your brand.

Capture Rates
Sales Leadership

Lead teams more effectively with these coaching tools. 

Builder Systems

Create a section for your specific processes.


Sales Manual

Align your sales experience with a standardized sales process. Our new home sales manual includes expert tips and communication templates. 

  • Learn how to make an emotional connection with buyers.
  • Discover how to set realistic expectations.
  • Master critical closing techniques.
Peer_Learning 1

Peer Learning

We’re proud to have the largest community of new home sales professionals. Have a question? Just ask and get answers quickly from experienced veterans. 

  • Connect with agents and leadership across the country.
  • Learn selling techniques.
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas.

In-Market Training Events

Want to enhance your training plan with on-site workshops customized to your goals?
No problem — it’s all here.


What is the monthly subscription fee?

Subscription fees vary based on user count and included services. We can tailor the service package exclusively to you. 

Each package includes a New Home Connect™ subscription, monthly coaching session, quarterly strategy session, and an in-market kickoff boot camp. 

What is the training methodology?

Our training is multifaceted, compelling, and engaging. Our methodology includes both video and in-person training.

Video-based training modules introduce concepts and strategies that are compelling and efficient.

  • Users will be required to complete an assessment after each module to test their consumption of knowledge.
  • Modules are complemented with downloadable resources to provide further understanding and additional resources in line with specific topics and strategies.
  • Virtual classrooms provide extracurricular training, weekly webinars, and open forums.
  • Extracurricular training provides training workbooks and manuals.

In-person training will expand upon the training topics consumed through New Home Connect™.

  • Every partnership includes a complimentary in-person training boot camp at launch. This two-day event provides a hands-on approach to introduce and orient your team to the resources available to them. The best part is that we come to YOU!
  • We can build additional in-person training into the service agreement at any time.
  • Monthly coaching calls are included. These calls provide dedicated training for your sales team and sales leadership. 

How much time does it take to implement the training?

Training begins as early as day one of “Go Live,” and your team will be able to start implementing what they learn within days of being introduced to our playbook. Within weeks and proper practice, their aptitude will grow.

Your team members should have mastered the fundamentals within the first eight weeks. The initial 90 days will bear fruit for those who are engaged, and in the next 90 days, mastery of our strategies will commence. Many of our partners see substantial improvement in their sales teams' abilities within the first six months. Of course, this depends on your team member’s commitment to the training.

Can I upload my own training videos on the platform?

Yes! Several builder partners utilize our platform as their custom learning management system (LMS) resource for internal training. We are happy to work with you to determine the best approach, the scope required to accomplish your goals, and any additional costs.

What training services are offered outside the platform?

We offer an entire menu of additional training services to complement the standard services included in our partnerships. 

This includes:

  • Additional virtual training for both teams and individuals
  • In-person training events (one, two, and three-day events)
  • Specialized training workshops focused on: 
    • Community-level marketing
    • OPS cycle mastery
    • Selling from strength against competition
    • Overcoming objections
    • And more!
  • Community-level training at your models, move-in-ready home homes, and design centers