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New Home Sales Training

We’ve re-thought decade-old industry assumptions about sales training to bring your team a modern, tech-driven approach that promotes growth at all levels.

Inspire action that drives results

Tired of paying a small fortune for a sales training event that is soon forgotten or taught by someone who hasn't sold a home in decades? We developed New Home Star’s sales training philosophy with the modern seller in mind. We’ve implemented the latest tools and evaluation of adult education methodology research findings to build our best program yet. It was designed to help our own agents sell more homes more profitably — not to sell tickets.

A structured sales training approach

Our unique process combines in-person workshops, coaching for your leadership, and online video modules hosted in the largest and most extensive training platform in the industry — all to drive sustained results and to empower your sales leadership.

  • Eight-Week New Hire Training Program
  • 500+ New Home Sales Training Videos & Modules
  • Weekly Sales Meeting Training Curriculum

Why Invest

Why invest in a high-quality sales training program?

An effective sales training program focuses on important factors, such as product knowledge, selling techniques, and the mindset of salespeople.

Increase sales numbers

Increase sales numbers

Improve sales performance on both profit and pace fronts.

Recruit Top Talent

Recruit top talent

Differentiate your sales workplace with the best training in the industry.

Learn to Prospect

Peer learning

Go beyond a single Sales Trainer perspective with the largest peer network in new home sales.

Enhance Communication

Drive consistency

Create a consistent experience for your customers with a structured approach.

Lower Turnover Rate

Speed up onboarding

Get your new hires trained faster with a proven system.

Align Solutions

Empower your sales leaders

Eliminate the guesswork on what to train, and save time in preparation for your leadership.

The Platform

The New Home Connect™ way

Launched in 2010, New Home Connect™ is the industry’s most comprehensive sales enablement platform. The online platform delivers a fully integrated center for performance tracking, professional team development, and prospect management designed with salespeople in mind. With the platform, sales agents and home builder operators gain unparalleled access, engagement, and visibility to improve performance and accountability.

The Critical Path Philosophy

Our Critical Path philosophy is a time-tested process for new home sales that equips sales professionals with a formal approach to selling. From the initial point of contact through contract execution, the curriculum offers a complete linear path to the buying cycle and answers these key questions:

  • How do you best prep for the sale?
  • What is the most favorable process for buyers?
  • Which closing techniques should you use?


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