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Home Builder CRM Integration Software

Bridge the Data Gap with
Your Home Builder CRM Software

It’s time to go beyond traffic and sales data. Thanks to our Operations Hub, you can include pricing, strategy, and incentives in your field-based decisions.

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Asset 180 1 (1)

Asset 180

Leverage our 180-question process to help you understand a project’s assets. Then, prepare your sales team to build and defend value.

  • Become the expert in your area.
  • Leverage SWAT analyses and competition studies.
  • Create a business plan to elevate your brand.
Comp Study 1

Competition Study

Keep tabs on your competition and leverage our comparative analysis tools to find the best positioning strategy.

  • Compare features, including the exterior design, construction, and floor plans.
  • Receive an in-depth community overview.
  • Set and manage goals per quarter.
Buyer Targeting 1

Buyer Targeting

Our customer segmentation model offers deep insight into motivations, buyer analysis, and positioning strategies.

  • Learn to build at scale by understanding customer wants and needs.
  • Understand how emotions play a part in buyers’ decisions.
  • Discover ways to predict buyer behavior.
Business Plans 1

Business Plans

Get field-based, accurate data for your communities via a business plan, providing a roadmap every 90 days.

  • Leverage timely data and insights.
  • Create goals for your team.
  • Stay focused on action items most important to your success.

Reporting Panel

Gain insight into each team member's holistic sales performance with reports emailed directly to you. 

  • Stay on top of wins and challenges.
  • Keep team members accountable.
  • Build goals and send encouragement.

Project Consulting & Analysis

Team up with one of our Business Strategists on consulting services and understand your portfolio’s positioning.


What is the monthly subscription fee?

Subscription fees vary based on user count and included services. We can tailor the service package exclusively to you. 

Each package includes a New Home Connect™ subscription, monthly coaching session, quarterly strategy session, and an in-market kickoff boot camp.

Will New Home Connect™ integrate with my CRM?

Not at the moment. Stay tuned as we are currently working on this.

How much time does it typically take to set up the Operations Hub?

The OPS Cycle typically takes 90 days to implement, although we have assisted many builder partners who want to prioritize this and execute faster. We can leverage our personnel to help you get a jump start with data entry and gathering. If interested, one of our representatives can walk you through the requirements.

What information do you capture inside the Operations Hub?

The OPS Cycle aims to provide clear visibility on your communities’ overall positioning compared to your direct competition. You can use this data to validate or adjust your position to be ready for critical decisions.

We capture several items for the reporting side, but we also capture data points to aid in your communities' overall sales operations management. This is divided into two sides with the following parameters:

My Community:

  • Community overview data points
  • Product offering:
    • Details of floor plans offered and pricing
    • Incentives
    • Available move-in-ready home
  • Goal tracking
  • Selling statements (USP, VPs, builder story)
  • Features offered
  • SWOT analysis

My Competition:

  • Community overview data points
  • Product offering
    • Details of floor plans offered
    • Incentives
    • Available move-in-ready home
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Features offered

We then can pull multiple reports that consider any of the above. This report includes side-by-side comparisons, graphs, and comprehensive competition studies that are automated, advanced, and easy to use.

The OPS Cycle also allows your salespeople to create a quarterly business plan to take a higher level of ownership and accountability.

What insight does your customer segmentation model include?

Our buyer segmentation model, or TCPs, provides the insights needed to align your offering with the right buyers so you can attract more of those buyers to your sales centers. This model also offers additional insights into how these buyers typically buy new homes, what is important to them, their purchasing hot buttons, how finances impact their decisions, and more. 

We spent several years and countless hours reviewing buyer purchasing behaviors and data points when developing this model, and it has proven to be an effective tool. We know it will help you with your sales strategies for new communities, well-performing existing communities, and underperforming communities.