Traffic X Conversion = Sales

An engineered way to maximize sales performance.

Our philosophy

At the end of the day, sales is a numbers game. The more traffic you generate, the more opportunities you have to make a sale. The more effectively you convert that traffic, the more sales you generate at the end of the day. If Traffic x Conversion = Sales, solutions that amplify your performance at each stage of the equation will take your profitability to new heights.

The New Home Star approach focuses on doing just that. With marketing tools and resources that allow you to effectively position your communities in the eyes of your target consumers, we help drive more high-quality traffic than ever before. With robust operational planning processes and best-in-class sales training, we empower your team to better defend the value of the sale while closing at a higher rate.

How it works


Improve Conversion: Ops Cycle

Arm your salesforce with nuanced community intelligence collected with a systematic approach on a quarterly basis, culminating in a complete Community Sales Blueprint and providing a defined framework for action. The entire process is done through our online platform for easy sharing, exporting, and analysis.

  • Asset 180° Framework
  • Competition Study
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan Presentation


Improve Conversion: POS Training

Created by the industry's top salespeople, marketers, and highly respected sales trainers, we have merged extensive research into both new home sales and adult education methodology. Engaging eLearning modules, comprehensive, instructive content, and industry-tailored role-play exercises, covering everything from nonverbal communicative interpretation to behavioral influence tactics, and delivered via proprietary technological solutions.

  • Sales Funnel Training
  • Guiding Principles
  • Five Discovery Zones
  • Buyer Hot Buttons

Increase Traffic: On-Target Marketing

In-depth analysis of community assets, competitive gaps, and market demand, facilitating identification of underserved market opportunities, a target consumer group, and a Unique Selling Proposition.

  • Community Assesment Module
  • Target Customer Profiles
  • Buyer Assessment Surveys


Increase Traffic: SAMI

Training and creative resources fueling independent marketing initiatives that empower sales associate traffic generation efforts in a brand consistent manner, replete with structured methods of tracking and accountability.

  • Complimentary Marketing Support
  • Agent-Led Marketing Ideas
  • MROI Reporting

Why Invest

Maximizing Margins

Hear from some of our senior leaders as they discuss how New Home Star maximizes margins for our builder partners.

The Platform

New Home Connect™

Launched in 2010, New Home Connect™ is the industry’s most comprehensive enablement platform. The online platform delivers a fully integrated center for performance tracking, professional team development, and prospect management designed with salespeople in mind. As a result, sales agents and home builder operators gain unparalleled access, engagement, and visibility while simultaneously improving performance and accountability.