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How to Market to Home Buyers: 25 Ideas

By Jennifer Mencias 2 min read

At New Home Star, our team members implement Sales Associate Marketing Initiatives (SAMIs) as one of the most valuable tactics in driving traffic to their communities. These are low-cost, high-impact, community-level marketing efforts designed to appeal to four audiences: Realtor, referral, business, and prospect. For an overview of each category and our comprehensive process, check out this resource on our home builder marketing approach. In this article, we’re diving into strategies and ideas to build your prospect list.

Focusing on relationship building and continual community outreach is essential for marketing to home buyers. Being able to build a strong prospect list will not only help you sell your current community but will also help as you continue your selling journey in other areas. Be sure to appeal to the unique attributes of your local community as you create these initiatives — this will help increase personal connections and strengthen your marketing strategy. 

Here are 25 ideas you, as a sales agent, can implement to build your prospect list:

  1. Attend or sponsor local sporting events at schools, park districts, or municipalities. 
  2. Host, attend, or sponsor local charity events (blood drives, toy drives, etc.).
  3. Send direct mailers to the community. 
  4. Attend, sponsor, or set up a booth at a local outdoor festival. 
  5. Host an open house event.
  6. Attend a farmer’s market and distribute collateral. 
  7. Organize a Hometown Heroes appreciation lunch or treat drop-off. 
  8. Host a community yard sale. 
  9. Sponsor a little league/sports team. 
  10. Host a first-time homeowner seminar. 
  11. Organize a Dusty Boots Tour (an exclusive tour of homes under construction). 
  12. Host a ‘Facts and Snacks’ info session. 
  13. Organize a community cookout/block party. 
  14. Host a grand opening event and invite community members. 
  15. Organize a seasonal celebration event at the model. 
  16. Send out a ‘Rent vs. Own’ postcard. 
  17. Organize a seasonal incentive (Spring Into Your New Home, Summer Savings, Fall Into Savings, etc.). 
  18. Create flyers (Homes of the Week, Deal of the Month, Floor Plan of the Month, Community Overview, etc.).
  19. Create and send a ‘Benefits of Buying New’ postcard. 
  20. Plan a food truck event in the community. 
  21. Organize incentives (Medical Heroes, Teacher Appreciation, Theme Park Employee Appreciation, etc.). 
  22. Join the local Chamber of Commerce and attend events. 
  23. Market at a local golf outing or 5K race — customize water bottles, sunscreen, etc.
  24. Create door hangers with community information.
  25. Host a dog photoshoot event or other pet-related initiatives. 

It’s equally as important to manage your prospect list as it is to build one. Ensuring you do outreach on a regular basis is key to maintaining the relationship and staying top of mind. The more people who know about you and your services, the better off you are as your career advances. And the more people you keep networking with will benefit you immensely as you level up your sales operation.

Originally published Jul 21, 2022 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 4, 2024

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