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25 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Reach Local Businesses

By Jennifer Mencias 3 min read


At New Home Star, our team members implement Sales Associate Marketing Initiatives (SAMIs) as one of the most valuable tactics in driving traffic to their communities. These are low-cost, high-impact, community-level marketing efforts designed to appeal to four audiences: Realtor, referral, business, and prospect. For an overview of each category and our comprehensive process, check out this resource on our home builder marketing approach. In this article, we’re diving into strategies and ideas to build connections with local businesses.

Tapping into your local network is key to driving traffic to your community — and nearby businesses are a great way to do that. Collaborating with businesses around your area can help you get the word out about yourself and your builder to hundreds of customers that visit the store. This leads to potential clients and can open the door to more referral opportunities down the road. 

Here are 25 ideas you, as a sales agent, can implement to foster relationships with businesses. 

  1. Drop off a small gift bundle to local businesses with collateral attached to advertise your contact information. 
  2. Collaborate with a local business and offer a discount for a period of time during the day. 
  3. Organize a trade partner appreciation event at the model to show your partners appreciation for all they do. 
  4. Host a small business owner event at the model. 
  5. Sponsor a raffle. 
  6. Drop off treats advertising your contact information/any upcoming events.
  7. Display event flyers in business windows. 
  8. Host a small business ‘Meet and Mingle’ event at the model. 
  9. Frequently pop into businesses around the area to continually foster relationships with workers. 
  10. Create a small business email list to notify about upcoming initiatives. 
  11. Invite local businesses to advertise at a future event. 
  12. Organize a small business incentive. 
  13. Purchase gift cards from local businesses to give as raffle prizes at an event. 
  14. Join the park district or other local groups.
  15. Collaborate on a donation drive. 
  16. Host a shopping event. 
  17. Display contact information at the checkout counter. 
  18. Host a presentation at a local business and offer a coupon to attendees. 
  19. Attend local chamber of commerce events. 
  20. Organize a ‘Hometown Heroes’ incentive and stop by police stations, fire stations, hospitals, or schools. 
  21. For any gifting needs, shop from local businesses to continually develop relationships and support the community. 
  22. Promote the area by featuring businesses and restaurants on social media, in community newsletters, or in welcome packets that customers receive on closing day.
  23. Identify large employers in the area or any corporate headquarters nearby and offer employee discounts.
  24. Join area Facebook groups and post about events. 
  25. Look at a list of national days and collaborate with a local business for a drop-off (ex: on National Cookie Day, partner up with a bakery and drop off cookies to other businesses nearby). 

Be sure you’re connecting with businesses consistently, as this will help further develop these relationships aside from a one-time interaction. Carve out time in your marketing calendar to drive around your area and drop off treat bundles or contact information. Build rapport and ensure the owners and workers know about your builder and the services you offer. That way, when a customer walks through the door, they can pass along your information. Opening yourself to as many local connections as possible will strengthen your marketing approach, helping you to drive quality traffic and achieve more sales.

Originally published Sep 21, 2022 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 4, 2024

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