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Marketing to Realtors: 25 Unique Ideas

By Jennifer Mencias 2 min read

At New Home Star, our team members implement Sales Associate Marketing Initiatives (SAMIs) as one of the most valuable tactics in driving traffic to their communities. These are low-cost, high-impact, community-level marketing efforts designed to appeal to four audiences: Realtor, referral, business, and prospect. For an overview of each category and our comprehensive process, check out this resource on our home builder marketing approach. In this article, we’re diving into strategies and ideas to build your Realtor list.

Networking with local Realtors and building relationships around your area will help you become top of mind when prospective buyers go their way. Making them aware of your offerings is essential, so they have the necessary knowledge to confidently recommend you to others and know you exist in the community. Be sure to audit all the real estate offices in your area, so you can introduce yourself at each one, ultimately leading to a robust Realtor inventory. 

Here are 25 ideas you, as a sales agent, can implement to increase your Realtor base:

  1. Drop off treats with attached collateral at local real estate offices.
  2. Organize a Realtor appreciation lunch.
  3. Give a short presentation at a real estate office about your offering. 
  4. Create a raffle incentive to tour your community. 
  5. Host a class for continuing education. 
  6. Set up a booth at a Realtor association meeting, summit, or convention.
  7. Host a free headshot event. 
  8. Send email blasts to Realtors on current community and builder happenings.
  9. Host a quarterly Realtor incentive program.  
  10. Build a quality LinkedIn profile, connect with as many local agents in your area, and post regularly on your community and builder happenings.
  11. Host a Realtor open house/breakfast. 
  12. Offer new home construction training. 
  13. Host a ‘Bring Your Buyers’ event in your community. 
  14. Offer a Realtor self-defense class. 
  15. Host a cooking demonstration or happy hour event at the model.
  16. Organize MLS tours.  
  17. Host a ‘VIP Grand Opening’ event. 
  18. Form a Realtor advisory board. 
  19. Host a ‘Lunch and Learn’ event at the model. 
  20. Organize a title company social event. 
  21. Host and create a brokerage presentation.
  22. Connect with your local Realtor association to collaborate on an initiative. 
  23. Host a Realtor ‘Meet and Mingle’ event. 
  24. Organize a Realtor recognition program (awards ceremony, partner of the month social media post, etc.). 
  25. Create and host a presentation on the new home sales process.

Ensure you’re organizing these initiatives consistently as Realtors are working with prospective buyers daily, and it’s important that these individuals know of your builder in case they come across an ideal client. Tap into local real estate offices and keep examining your area to evaluate potential opportunities. With the volatility of the real estate industry, maintaining Realtor relationships can also help if you experience a period where direct traffic slows down. Working with and expanding upon this network will set you up for continued success in your marketing approach.

Originally published Aug 24, 2022 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 4, 2024

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