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New Home Star to Bring New Home Connect 3.0 to IBS 2015

By Star Report 3 min read

Last year at the 2014 International Builders' Show, New Home Star released a dynamic technology platform called New Home Connect that provides training, visibility and management for sales associates. For 2015, they are back again, and this time with upgrades. New Home Connect 3.0, the latest version of their program, uses Google's latest framework for commercial platforms, Polymer. This allows the program to enhance the use of HTML5 capabilities, making it the most state-of-the-art version to date.

New Home Star is a sales and marketing firm that rapidly transforms under-performing sales teams into exceptional profit drivers with time-tested processes and strategies. When they released New Home Connect last year, they were able to offer a new way to guide, manage and train sales associate while staying hand in hand with the priorities of builders. The operational planning processes of their 'Traffic x Conversion = Sales' focus is incorporated into every aspect of their interactive user interface. The expanded version not only includes new technology, but focuses on five main components that help guide and mature the skills of sales associates:

  1. Real time performance analytics - A social platform that integrates video training progress, sales associate marketing initiatives and aggregate sales data and traffic overviews, all on a completely customizable dashboard.

  2. Latest builder marketing tactics - Allows you to discover exactly what your competition is doing to leverage their resources and drive traffic.

  3. Superior client relationship management - The customized system can can accommodate both those who have an existing CRM or are looking for one.

  4. Unparalleled community insight - Allows you to understand the market around you in relation to the kind of community you are in. Understanding your competition and demand helps to provide on-target marketing.

  5. Comprehensive sales training - The professionals behind this platform have sold, trained and led sales organizations from coast to coast with various buyer profiles.

But this is more than just a platform redesign. According to Oren Jacobson, New Home Star Director of Sales Enablement, it is a brand new training program that takes the fundamentals from the past and pushes them into a new way of thinking about the experience.

"The training was redesigned around adult education methodology combined with the latest concepts from online education. We asked 'how do adults learn' and 'how to people learn online' and blended those two things together," said Jacobson. "From a context perspective, there is training content in here that has never before been put out by any new home sales trainer in the country. Focused on experiential learning and helping salespeople make better strategic decisions in moments that are often cloudy."

Jacobson also expanded on what this expanded technology will do for managers. "The level of reporting and data that they are going to have accessible to them about the skill level results and activities of their salespeople will provide them the most in-depth view of their teams' skill set and their individual team members skill sets and will help them to develop more tailored, specific development plans for every employee."

New Home Star will be showcasing these five components of their new technology at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas from January 20-22. You can check them out booth C1966 in the nextBuild section of Central Hall. For more information about New Home Star and their expanded program innovations, contact or call 800-730-6170.


Originally published Dec 23, 2014 under Newsroom, updated August 4, 2021

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