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Why You're Losing ...

Why You're Losing Prospects Without Even Trying

By Star Report 2 min read

How are you contacting prospects? Have you been using the same methods and sticking to your ways? While tradition and consistency are important, so is keeping up with the times. And in this century, that means keeping up with technology.


Let's be honest. Sales associates are not tapping into anything below the 21-year-old demographic as part of their target market. It just doesn't make sense. But if you look at adults and their behavior patterns, we see key trends. According to GlobalWebIndex, 80% of all online adults are smartphone owners. Even more, 91% of online adults own a PC or a laptop. This means that communication to prospective clients must be tech-friendly.


Not to completely disregard other forms of communication, but rather to put more importance on the most efficient ones. If a majority of adults (which should make up most of a sales associate's TCG) are using smart phones, laptops and tablets, then shouldn't an emphasis be placed on them for communication?


This means having a stellar website. And a responsive one, at that. This means that the website that consumers and prospects will see has the ability to be seen in high quality on laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. All with the same consistency and design, of course. It is ideal for a potential client to be able to see the website, regardless of what type of device they are on, and be able to get details, photos and contact information. The easier and faster they can get in contact with a sales associate, the better.


If a potential customer arrives at a website that is lacking information, does not load on a smartphone or is confusing to use, they will no longer be interested. This is the sales associate's chance to get them talking and to get them asking questions. Once that chance is missed, they will probably move on.


As a sales associate, the website is probably not directly in your control. That's fine! Making suggestions to whoever develops and designs those platforms is just as helpful for them as it is for you. Address to them the fact that this would enhance your ability to open up communication between yourself and prospects.

Chances with technology come and go quick. Make sure your website is detailed, responsive and can make a positive impression in a short amount of time.

Originally published Feb 4, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated May 9, 2024

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