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6 Ways to Make Your ...

6 Ways to Make Your Model Home Ready For Fall

By Star Report 3 min read

Getting ready to plan your decorations for our "Dec-A-Spec" contest? Check out these tips to prepare your model or spec for the fall season and create a display that will showcase your home's marketability.


  1. Know your model's prime location
    Before you can start to "dec" you'll have to decide which part of your home works best for showcasing a fall display. Does your model boast an exquisite exterior? Does it have a gorgeous, spacious kitchen island? Determine which location of the house, whether it be inside or outside, will most speak to potential buyers. Obviously, an exterior display may reach a wider audience, but an interior display can create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere for those touring the house.

  2. Consider a specific theme
    While the contest theme is "fall," you might consider narrowing the focus to one type of seasonal theme. Themes can range from warm-colored autumn leaves to friendly turkeys to not-so-spooky scarecrows and black cats. A specific theme can make planning your design easier and will also be more appreciated by customers.

  3. Schedule a DIY day with your team
    The beauty of decorating is almost always in the details. Nowadays, some of the most creative home decor is made through DIY ("Do It Yourself") crafting. While this may not be for everyone, embarking on a mission to paint fall-themed mason jars, for example, can be a great opportunity for a team building event. The same can be said for pumpkin carving!

    schedule a diy day with your team
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  4. Don't pass on the pumpkin carvings
    Pumpkins are not only the staple of the fall season but can also be used for your spec/model home's marketability! Utilize pumpkin carving to spice up your seasonal display and convey information. Grab letter stencils and try carving the name of your builder, community, or even a sale incentive." These can make for great promotional social media posts.

  5. Create a mantle masterpiece
    If you're tackling an interior display, consider decorating the home's mantlepiece. You might consider bordering the fireplace with leaves, lighting a few fall candles for a cozy aroma, setting out a few Thanksgiving or Halloween decorations, and utilizing one of your home's best features. You can also consider creating a lavished centerpiece that will await guests when they walk into a room.


  6. Deck out your door
    For those decking, the outside of their model, consider sprucing up your home's front steps or porch. Make sure to think creatively about decorating the model's door, as it's often the first thing that people see. An outdoor display will be what welcomes guests to this home (and possibly your community).

  7. Imagine it's your home!
    While it might be tempting to go crazy, make sure to keep in mind that you're decorating a house. Whether it's a spec or a model, the people stopping by are considering living in one of your homes. Your "Dec-A-Spec" display just might help them visualize how they want to decorate their new home for the next fall season!





    Photo Credit: Pinterest

Capture your home's finished display and submit a photo on our Facebook page with hashtags #DecASpec and #NewHomeStar. The contest will close on Friday, November 15, 2015, and a winner will be chosen to win the grand prize of an Apple Watch! Click here to take a look at our Pinterest page for fall decorating ideas.

Disclaimer: Must be an employee of New Home Star or a NHC user to participate in the "Dec-A-Spec" contest.

Originally published Oct 22, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 5, 2024

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