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Tips From a Pro: See Me, First See Me Last

By Star Report 5 min read

If you are reading this you are either a new home sales superstar or you are going to be.  Why do I say this?  Because you are looking to learn and digging for every little nugget you can find to sell more homes than your competitors. 

Here is my tip for today to do just that - It is about how to best assure a second chance when the sale does not happen today on the first visit. 

Are there really any first time visitors?

We know that Buyers will buy on the first visit, we see this more often today because of the power of the internet.  Are there really any first time visitors?  According to data 93% of Buyers coming into our sales centers have explored all aspects of the sales funnel prior to coming in.  They are coming to us because they like what they saw.  They know about the surrounding area, our neighborhood,  our homes, our builder, and so on.  For this reason, sales teams today are trained to discover what the customer knows, confirm, enhance and elaborate on all of the unique selling propositions that match their wants and needs.  You have been trained to discover, match and ask for the sale on the first visit.  But what happens when today is not the day to buy? 

Selling Value

I will share with you a selling tool that not only speaks to selling value but will give you a better shot at being the salesperson that gets to close the sale.  I call it, "See Me First, See Me Last".  The goal here is to get an agreement for the buyer that is not ready to buy today to come back before they make their final buying decision.  To come back to you specifically to be sure that they will get the best value.  Wouldn't it be great to watch that car drive away and know you have an agreement already before any follow up to have them come back prior to making their final buying decision?

This is how it works.  Once you "think" you have determined that the Buyer will not buy today, but they are liking what they see and hear.  Your builder, location, and homes match with what you have discovered their needs and wants are.  But, when you narrow it down, summarize, and ask them to buy they say they "just started to look". This is the time for the "See Me First, See Me Last" sales tool.  

See Me First, See Me Last

You will need two things, a Value Comparison Sheet (VCS) for your community and builder and a see me last card.  This VCS will highlight reasons why choosing you, your homes, your location, and your builder is the best value proposition compared to your competition.  The See Me Last card is a uniquely sized card that you will learn more about as we go on. 

First, respond to the customer's concern that they just started looking by saying something like, "it sounds like you are wanting to be sure that buying an XYZ builder home is the best value for you and your family, is that right?  Getting their agreement you are now set up to suggest that before they leave you review your value comparison sheet with your new visitor. 

As you go down the sheet, continuing to sell on the value of your builder's Brand, Reputation, Confidence as well as the other USPs of your neighborhood and homes.  Ask plenty of questions.  As you do you will continue to discover more about what your Buyer knows, how they think and what is important to them.  What they value and to suggest they consider these values in their buying decision. 

After reviewing the comparison sheet, you can  again  ask the buyer to buy by saying,  "now that you can see the added value of owning an XYZ builder home are you any more ready to move forward with the purchase agreement?"   This will either be answered with a yes, a yes but - - - or a no.  If it is not yes, probe to isolate any additional objections other than "just starting to look"  that may be stopping them from moving forward.  

The Golden Nugget

Here is the golden nugget - when it is time for your visitor to leave to continue their search for the best value say, 

             "I have something I'd like to give you; I understand from our conversation that you are not ready today to make your decision on where you will buy your next home.  It does appear that you like some of what you have seen with me today,  so let me ask you, can we agree to get back together prior to your final buying decision?

Now hand them your personalized card.  On the card, it will have been pre-printed to say I am committed to giving you unmatched value in your new home.  When you are ready to make your purchase, please see me last.  Handwrite your name and cell number on it and clip it to the Value Comparison Sheet.  This is much more powerful and memorable than handing them a typical business card.

Consider what happens next.  When a Buyer comes back the chances are they will buy from you if you can show them the value. With this information and knowledge, you will find you are in a position to effectively sell the value, negotiate and close the sale.  This does not mean that the price will be the lowest but the purchase will be the best value, you will have educated the buyer to the value in working with you and in your builder's homes.  Any other choice may mean paying less but receiving less as well.

Originally published Mar 24, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated December 22, 2021

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