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Quarterly Business Plans: Bridging the Gap Between Builders & Salespeople

By Star Report 3 min read

By Aaron Wagner, Sales Director in Florida - New Home Star

The new home sales industry is in continuous flux. Homebuilding professionals understand that there are countless factors contributing to the rise or fall of sales, and these factors are constantly discussed in magazines, conferences and webinars as a way to help sales agents better grasp market conditions. These tools bring us tremendous insight and we should absolutely take advantage of them; however, many of these resources only look at the new construction market on a macro level.

Grasping large-scale economic conditions may not help fix that one underperforming community in your division. A tool that every homebuilder has, but sometimes fails to use, is its own sales team. Who better to offer insight on a micro level than the people who are in the trenches, day-in and day-out? To harness the strength of this knowledge, New Home Star has developed a Quarterly Business Plan Presentation initiative. In a nutshell, each sales agent is required to stand in front of their builder and communicate impactful observations and ideas about their community.  




The structure is as follows:

1. Review of previous quarter's traffic, sales, and marketing initiatives

2. Preview of new quarterly traffic, sales, and marketing goals

3. Address items needed from the builder to achieve these goals


Whether you're delivering a formal presentation or not, it's good to adopt a structure similar to this when collaborating with your builder partner. Here are a few tips for maximizing salesperson-builder communication:


Tips for Salespeople

Be accurate. Understand who is in your audience. In most cases, the individuals in the room are financially or engineer-minded people. Make sure that the numbers you are displaying are 100% accurate. Any misstep in detail can cause your entire presentation to be discredited.  


Be specific and strategic. Create and deliver a thoughtful, detailed, and objective plan for your community. Ambiguity in your presentation--whether it's from insecurity or lack of preparation--will only result in apathy from your audience. As one of our top builder partners would put it, "generalities are the sign of a weak mind."


Don't complain. Nothing positive can come from being negative. Don't let your emotions cause you to lose sight of why you're communicating these thoughts in the first place. Set the stage for a successful quarter! 

Tips for Builders

Be present. This means more than just being in the room. Close the laptop, turn off the phone, and truly listen to the feedback from your salespeople. View this exchange as an opportunity to collaborate on ideas that will make your business more successful.


Be open minded. Remember that you and your salespeople are on the same team. It can be difficult to embrace new initiatives, especially if they are costly. However, the greatest strength of these presentations is that many new strategies have the potential to drive more traffic and, ultimately, more sales!

Aaron Wagner is a successful sales leader based in Central Florida. Entering the industry as a sales trainee for New Home Star in 2012, Aaron has ascended through the ranks to now serve as a sales director for Maronda Homes in Melbourne, Florida.  Aaron's passion for leadership fits perfectly with New Home Star's mission to Build the Best Sales Team in the World, and he is working everyday to achieve it for Maronda Homes.




Originally published Jul 7, 2016 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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