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Not Using Pinterest? Add Variety to Your Social Media Platform and Create Traffic

By Star Report 2 min read

If you've heard of Pinterest, odds are you think of it as a place to look at clothing, animals, and food. But successful companies know that Pinterest is just as important as other social media outlets that create a powerful platform and online presence.


And just like any social media outlet, you must master the techniques that will make your company and brand as successful as they can be. If you are completely unfamiliar with Pinterest, here is a brief description: Both a web and mobile application, Pinterest is visual and aesthetically oriented. Visual bookmarks are created into what they call "Boards" which can be categorized. For example, you might have a "Fluffy dogs" board, a "Slow cooker recipe" board, or even a "workouts I like" board. You "pin" different photos, videos, and links onto the board you find something to fit the best. Organize, collect, share and develop projects, ideas, tools, and data in whatever combination you like.


So how does real estate come into the mix? Here are some tips that you can efficiently and effectively implement the use of Pinterest to add a different promotion and marketing dynamic. 


Topic: If you aren't sure what to pin, don't fret. Try developing a personal account first and creating several boards of your own to pin onto. Then, create a company profile and make boards that reflect the vision and needs of your brand and your customers. These could include current listings, neighborhood information, DIY home renovation ideas, redecorating tips, floor plans or community activities. 


Visual: Pinterest thrives on being a visual application, so make sure the photos you are posting are compelling and engaging. Beyond having intriguing text alongside the photo, be sure that you create a total package that makes your pin worth clicking on. 


Link: You need an effective pin, collaborative boards, and top-line visuals. But regardless of all of those things, you need to have a link. If you just offer a photo and a few sentences on your pin, that will not direct traffic anywhere. This is where Pinterest can fall short if a user is very intrigued by a photo but cannot be linked to it. Be sure that your links take a user directly to a page that will help them learn more, start a conversation or have any questions they have answered.


The shelf life of Pinterest is great because unlike time-stamped social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, pins on Pinterest are not necessarily doomed because of when they were posted. The discoverability of your posts is a reason why creating a Pinterest account will add a unique dynamic to your brand's online presence.

Originally published Feb 11, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 19, 2024

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