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A Roadmap to Gaining Attention to Grow Real Estate Prospects (Part II)

By Star Report 5 min read

True new home sales experts do not wait around for traffic to stroll in, they make it happen all on their own. Being actively engaged in controlling their flow of traffic on an independent level is a must; that’s where SAMI comes in. By utilizing SAMIs, the freedom is yours! You can create your own traffic through various ways and entice your target consumer group (TCG) that is most prevalent in your area through your efforts.

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To determine the top prospect marketing initiatives being utilized in the industry today, we took to New Home Connect™, New Home Star’s proprietary sales enablement platform. We posted our inquiry in New Home Connect’s Peer Learning section, a tool in which sales agents can turn to their peers across the country for answers and advice to the situations they are currently facing. The initiatives below represent the answers that we received to our question:

“What are the most effective prospect SAMIs that you are currently utilizing, or have utilized, to drive incremental traffic to your community?”

Year-Long Referral Contests: Gamification makes it easier to ask for referrals. You can build on this by hosting a simple, year-long referral contest. For every referral your customer sends, they get to put a ticket with their name into a bucket. If that prospect writes a contract, they get a second ticket to drop in! At the end of the year, host a party at your model and invite everyone from your community. Draw three names out of the bucket for increasingly large prizes. Don’t forget to advertise your referral contest and the event both in your model and on social media.

    -Tyler E. (Community Sales Manager in Colorado)

Joint Marketing Initiatives: The small town that I am selling in has a strong community spirit. My goal is to partner with as many local businesses and community members as possible. In February, I will be joint marketing with the nearby coffee cart by having coffee sleeves printed with my contact information and my builder’s logo. The customers will be directed to come to my office for a $5 coffee card. When they come in, I will be able to tell them about the brand new community I am starting.   

    -Wendy M. (Community Sales Manager in Oregon)

Holiday-Themed Incentives: I am doing a themed SAMI this March, centered around St. Patrick’s Day and the Luck of the Irish, called “It’s your LUCKY day.” To do something similar, you would need to create a wheel that can be spun with different upgrades (stainless steel fridge, washer/dryer combo, stone upgrade, blind package, etc.) labeled on each section. Each person who buys a home during the month of March gets a chance to spin the wheel, whatever they land on is included for “free!” This is something that gets people talking to their friends and come on, who doesn’t love to win something?!

    -Lesleigh T. (Sales Manager in Florida)

Smart Use of Back-Pocket Money: If your builder offers back-pocket money, put it to use wisely! I am going to be doing a “Spring Cleaning” initiative. Every home that is sold will get a free car wash from yours truly. Additionally, they will receive three months of complimentary house cleaning (this is where your back-pocket money comes into use). I am going to use local cleaning services, in an effort to support our local families. This incentive will help keep your prospects engaged, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need house/car cleaning?

    -Nicholas T. (Sales Associate in Florida)

Checking in on Homeowners: The early months of the year are a great time to check-in with current homeowners and see how the new year is treating them. You should also use this time to ask for the referrals they promised you! If you have a flyer with your current available inventory to leave them, it could improve your return rate. If you don’t currently have this flyer created, reach out to your marketing team.

   -Wilson W. (Community Sales Manager in Idaho)

Grand Opening Parties: Right now, we’re working on our Grand Opening for my community. We are still in the idea stage, but I am hoping to have a rustic/floral theme with finger foods and desserts. The community is surrounded by equestrian centers, so we’re hoping to get them and their horses involved as well. Our aim is to create a “block party” vibe as we tour different models and introduce ourselves to the area.

    -Becky S. (Community Sales Manager in Texas)

Cause-Related Events: The community that I am selling from currently has five models that are complete and available to tour. I wanted to create an event that would help prospects learn more about our builder while supporting a cause. I’m working directly with the Marketing Director for the Treasure Coast Humane Society to help spread the word and make the event successful. Buyers will get to tour our available inventory homes, enjoy coffee and dessert in each home, and learn more about adoptable pets. Even if they are not interested in the community, it will give them a chance to see several models all at once. I will be sending social media invites, having a local newspaper post about the event, and asking the Humane Society to advertise the event on their marketing materials.

    -Joyce H. (Community Sales Manager in Florida)

These are just some examples of some of the SAMIs that our sales professionals are executing in the field to grab the attention of prospective buyers. The Marketing section of our sales enablement platform, New Home Connect, is home to over 750 prospect SAMI ideas; all of which is shared by our agents in the field. Continuously working on SAMIs and hosting them to attract potential buyers is vital to the success of all of our new home sales agent here at New Home Star.

Originally published Mar 16, 2018 under Explore the latest topics, updated May 9, 2024

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