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Five Unique Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

By Star Report 3 min read

One of the most valuable tools a new home sales professional can utilize and implement is community-level marketing initiatives. Without it, sales success can be difficult, no matter the experience level or talent, which is exactly why we arm our sales teams with a complimentary in-house marketing team that provides low-cost, high-impact, community-level marketing pieces that help generate incremental traffic. The true purpose of this service is to drive traffic to the agent’s community and area, build relationships with community members, engage with local Realtors, create a strong prospect list, and gain referrals from current homeowners. Here are five creative ideas that we have seen implemented in the field that have helped generate incremental traffic:

1. Pet Photoshoot

Pet lovers unite! This outdoor event invited current homeowners to the model home to have a photoshoot with their pets. Any attendees were provided with treats and refreshments. They had the chance to participate in the cutest pet competition to win a gift card.

2. Zoom Homeowner Bonding

Because of the COVID-19 circumstances, many in-person events were put on hold. This agent came up with a way for homeowners to bond and catch up over a Zoom call. This was a great way for homeowners to get to know each other more since they weren’t able to see one another in person and also provided an outlet for future referrals for the agent coordinating this virtual event.

3. Clothing Drive/Food Drive

Clothing and food drives are typically very popular around the holidays. We witness many agents requesting these initiatives to help their local communities during this unique time of need. Inviting individuals in the community to drop off clothing or food items at the model home not only helps them give back in meaningful ways, but it also enables them to introduce their builder, community, and offerings to any participants.

4. Golf Cart Wash

With the summer sun in full effect and a community filled with golf carts, one of our sales rockstars led the charge with a weekly golf cart initiative. Homeowners in the community were able to bring their golf cart to the model home every Sunday and get it washed for free. This is such a unique way to give back and build relationships with current homeowners.

5. Virtual Design Center Behind the Scenes

For some, the most exciting part about building a home is having the chance to pick out interior and exterior finishes to make the home your own. This agent decided to host a virtual Facebook Live event to take prospects through the behind-the-scenes process of designing a new home. What a creative and fun way to show prospective buyers this inside look at how they can personalize the home of their dreams!

There are countless ways that sales professionals in the new home sales industry can take their community-level marketing strategies to the next level, and there are so many unique ideas that can be executed. By implementing community-level marketing, an agent has the full potential to generate traffic and truly run their “business.” Thinking outside the box has proven to help our team members as they navigate a changing market and a changing world, and we encourage continuous idea sharing and innovation for all marketing initiatives.

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Originally published Aug 17, 2020 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 4, 2024

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