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Creating an Exemplary Home Builder Vision Statement

By Chris Laskowski 8 min read

A vision statement is a concise declaration of an organization's long-term aspirations and goals. It describes the desired future state or destination that the company wants to achieve. 

Typically, a vision statement paints a compelling picture of what success looks like for the organization, with the goal of inspiring stakeholders to work towards that shared vision.

Here are a few examples of strong vision statements:

Tesla: To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

This vision is inspiring and motivating, conveying a sense of purpose and the importance of driving change on a global scale.

Another good one:

Warby Parker: We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. We also believe that everyone has the right to see.

This is engaging and captures the essence of the brand and its focus on the positive experience of buying glasses. The value proposition is also clear: Warby Parker wants to provide affordable eyewear that not only enhances appearance but also saves you some dollars. 

Importance of building a company vision statement

Good vision statements are important for a few key reasons:

  • Provide direction for a company’s future endeavors: A vision statement outlines long-term goals and aspirations, which helps align employee efforts and helps everyone see they’re working toward a common purpose.
  • Inspire employees, stakeholders, and customers: These statements should ground people in a central vision and foster enthusiasm for working toward achieving the company’s goals. 
  • Differentiate the brand from others: A good vision statement can set you apart from competitors trying to do something similar.
  • Attract investment and support: If others can see what you’re working toward, they’ll be more likely to care about your company’s progress and potentially partner with you to invest in its future. 

A good vision statement can put your team a step ahead of the competition and keep key stakeholders aligned on what matters most.

How is a vision statement different from a mission statement?

Some teams might say… I already have a mission statement, why would I need to create a vision statement too? How are vision statements different from mission statements

Home builder vision statements focus on the future and provide a strategic framework for planning, while mission statements focus on the organization’s primary objectives and current purpose. The former is about where the company wants to be in the future, while the latter is about where the company is today. Both are important to build and solidify as they work side-by-side to provide direction and clarity on what your organization is all about.

Why is a home builder vision statement important?

And what about home builders — why should they invest in creating a solid vision statement?

Home builders should invest in vision statements for a few specific reasons:

  • Set standards for excellence in construction and customer service. By setting a clear vision statement, a company makes a promise to the customer to uphold the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.
  • Build trust and credibility. A well-defined vision statement creates a sense of trust with customers and instills confidence that they’re working with a reputable home builder.
  • Align stakeholders. By creating one central place that displays the vision you set for your company, you align all core stakeholders and ensure everyone works toward a common purpose. 
  • Adapt to changing market conditions. Through building a vision statement, you hold your team accountable for sticking to it and adapting it based on market conditions and emerging trends. The good thing about a vision statement is you can always amend it. The first step of creating it is the most important to ensure you set the groundwork.

Ten exemplary home builder vision statements 

Here are ten examples of home builder vision statements and a few key reasons why we like each of them.

To be the best home builder on Earth!” - Hayden Homes

Why we like it: This is short but strong, clearly indicating the builder’s desire and ambition to excel in their industry. It’s also catchy and memorable, making it more likely to stick with customers and stakeholders for longer.

“At TNT Engineering, we support this vision by designing facilities and pipelines that meet and anticipate our clients’ needs, are practical, safe and productive in the field, and set the industry standard for reducing costs to our clients.” – TNG Engineering

Why we like it: This is a solid vision statement because it maintains a strong client-centric focus and focuses on anticipation of client wants and requirements. It also sets an ambitious goal of creating the industry standard; because the TNG team clearly sets a high bar for themselves, clients can expect the best.

“At Volcano, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their visions when it comes to renovating and/or upgrading their commercial, industrial and institutional properties and businesses.” – Volcano Construction Services Ltd.

Why we like it: This statement is comprehensive in scope — it covers a wide range of services and demonstrates the company’s versatility to cater to diverse client needs. It also showcases how the company’s efforts are directed towards delivering outcomes that are most valuable and meaningful to clients.

“We have a vision of being the best choice in Building Construction and the best in rendering services such as provision of professionals in project management, QA/QC and Construction safety to our esteemed clients.” – Faystrad Global Construction Company Limited

Why we like it: This vision statement has a super clear focus and highlights the builder’s intention of being the best choice in construction and services related to project management and safety. It sets a high standard for excellence and emphasizes “esteemed” clients, indicating a customer-centric approach.

“We pledge to provide our clients with superior construction services and deliver these services in a professional, reliable, responsive and friendly manner. We will initiate and maintain regular contact with our clients throughout the construction and warranty period to ensure they remain completely informed and have as much input, as they desire.” – Allen Batchelor

Why we like it: This builder makes a clear promise to customers in this statement to keep communication and collaboration frequent. Frequent communication means the customer remains fully informed and has the opportunity to provide input, fostering transparency, trust, and ultimately long-term client satisfaction. 

“At ALHO, we want to develop further together efficiently and with a clear goal so that we can steadily increase the earning power of the company for the benefit of all. In this, the aspects of safety at work and protecting the environment are an integral component of everything we do.” – ALHO

Why we like it: We like the emphasis here on shared development and efficiency. A rising tide lifts all boats — and this vision statement shows with collaboration, teamwork, and combined productivity, everyone can go further. 

“To maintain our leadership position and reputation for “Excellence in Construction” by continually setting new standards.” – IEW Construction Group

Why we like it: This one is short and sweet but packs a big punch with a clear focus on a commitment to maintaining a position and reputation for “excellence in construction.” The implication of continuous improvement and learning shows the company wants to challenge itself for the benefit of its clients — to continuously seek to make new goals and exceed them.

“We are committed to accomplishing every project in a manner that represents the pride and passion we feel for our industry. We want to help make your dream build a reality.” – H3 Construction

Why we like it: We like that this focuses on pride and passion, conveying a sense of purpose and encouraging everyone to strive for excellence. It’s very customer-centric in the way it emphasizes a goal of helping to make client dreams a reality.

“Top Line Construction is an industry leader committed to providing our clients with high-quality products, delivered on schedule and within budget.” – Top Line Construction

Why we like it: By prioritizing the delivery of high-quality products to clients, the statement underscores the company’s focus on meeting and exceeding client expectations. The emphasis on timeliness also demonstrates reliability, which is essential for meeting project deadlines and minimizing disruptions. 

“[Company] strives to provide the highest quality customer experience by staying true to our guiding principles of Quality, Trust, and Accountability” – LaBonte Construction

Why we like it: This vision statement works for a couple of reasons: first, it clearly calls out a high-quality customer experience as a top priority. It also identifies three guiding principles, serving as a framework for decision-making and behavior within the organization and guiding employees in their interactions with clients and each other.

So you want to create your own home builder vision statement?

Where to begin? There are many resources out there with ideas and tips for where you can start. 

A few considerations:

  • Define your purpose: why does your company exist beyond making a profit?
  • Identify long-term goals
  • Consider stakeholder perspectives 
  • Incorporate core values
  • Making it inspirational!

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to start crafting your vision statement, a lot of company vision statements start with “to be.” Play around with using it as a starting point!! And remember to write in the active voice to maintain that sense of confidence and ambition in achieving your company’s goals and core missions. 

The last step: live your vision! Incorporate it into your decision-making processes, strategic planning, and daily operations. It should serve as a constant (and helpful) reminder of what you’re working towards and why it matters 🌟

Do you need support building a company vision statement? Our home builder consulting services are designed to help builders with their unique marketing and sales needs. Schedule a call to talk to one of our account executives today. 

Originally published Apr 10, 2024 under Explore the latest topics, updated April 10, 2024

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