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Giving Back in Meaningful Ways: Change Someone's Story

By Star Report 3 min read

Behind every name is a story, and for many, it is a story of love, happiness, and success. For David, a disabled veteran, Amye, a first-grade teacher, and Kimmie, a single mom, it was a story of struggle and heartache, but most importantly, it was a story of hope. These three individuals in need were given a chance to re-write their story because of the way others decided to step in and give back in meaningful ways, a cause that both New Home Star as well as Hayden Homes and First Story value extensively.

Day in and day out through my work at First Story, an organization that promotes giving and inspiring communities through the creation of affordable homeownership opportunities and financial support, I see individuals and businesses coming together to make a real difference for real people. People like David, a veteran who suffered brain damage on his second tour in Iraq returning home to his wife and three kids needing full-time care. Teachers like Amye, serving children in a community she can’t afford to live in or even near. Single moms like Kimmie, watching her home savings slip away as she paid medical bills for her thyroid cancer. These families have been given a new chance through homeownership because generous individuals decided to give.

Companies have an incredible opportunity to create meaningful experiences that grant their employees the ability to experience the joy of giving. It’s not about the amount of money or time; it’s about a group of individuals coming together to collectively make a difference for a cause that resonates with them. Don’t wait; go out, give today, and change someone’s story by following these easy steps:

  • Adopt a cause aligned with your company’s mission. There are countless organizations or causes out there; you just have to find the one that fits your company’s mission and values!
  • Be prepared to tell your employees how they can get involved. This is the fun part; getting involved is how you can make your charitable giving come to life! Whether it’s as simple as running a food drive in your office or as big as hosting a community-wide fundraiser, there are so many ways that your employees can get out and get involved in the giving.
  • Make it simple to participate. Provide several options for your people to join the movement and get involved!
  • Spread the word through your internal newsletter and on social media. Sharing stories about what you’re doing to give back in meaningful ways helps to showcase the importance of these events for your organization and culture. It can also enable you to join forces with other organizations or movements relevant to your company culture and values!

Encouraging social responsibility in an organizational setting is a great way to get your employees involved with the spirit of giving and an even better way to help those who are truly in need. The world and the workforce will be a better place when we all work to give, so don’t delay. Your company’s giving story is waiting to be written, and it’s time for you to help change someone’s story for the better.

To learn more about the mission of First Story, and the wonderful initiatives they lead, click here.

*Image supplied by First Story

Originally published Jul 11, 2019 under Explore the latest topics, updated May 26, 2021

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