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Closing Gifts for New Home Buyers

By Star Report 4 min read

Once a house is sold, homeowners are overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation for the many memories that are soon to be made. Whether this is a first-time home buyer or a seasoned homebuyer, this is the beginning of an exciting new adventure and deserves to be celebrated.

One way to celebrate is to buy a gift for the buyers when they close. These gifts express gratitude and serve as a lasting reminder of this milestone in the homeowners’ lives. Not only is this  a thoughtful token of appreciation that can build lasting relationships, but it can also serve as a part of your homebuilder marketing strategy. 

There are many factors sales agents should consider when choosing the perfect gift. This is where our  Target Consumer Profile (TCP) comes in handy. Additionally, agents should note any allergies or hobbies throughout the buying process so that the gift will complement the homebuyer’s preferences. 

Here are 13 gift ideas to show appreciation for new and current homeowners.

1. A handwritten note. 

A  personalized, handwritten letter shows appreciation for the homebuyers. For new homebuyers, congratulate them on their purchase. For current homeowners, wish them happy holidays, or invite them to a local community event.

2. A gift basket with local shop items.

Introduce the neighborhood's hidden gems with samples from Ma and Pa shops. Agents can partner with local businesses and put together a gift basket that highlights local attractions and/or restaurants. One can even personalize this gift by including the buyer’s favorite activities or hobbies.

3. A candle and flowers.

A candle and flowers can help the new homeowners feel warm and welcome. The flowers will add a pop of color, and the candle can create a cozy feel amidst the stress of moving. A handwritten letter would be a perfect compliment to this warm and sweet gift.

4. A personalized cheese board kit.

This aesthetic yet practical gift can mean the world to the new homeowner. The cheese board can be personalized with the letter of their last name or their last name with the year they bought the house. Bonus: this can serve as the perfect decoration item to give their home an extra personalized touch.            

5. A popcorn movie basket.

Moving can be stressful! This basket provides homeowners with an excuse to kick back and relax with a movie. Dress it up with popcorn, flavors and toppings, a cozy blanket, beverages, and a movie.

6. A warm pie or cookies.

Warm pie and cookies bring back nostalgic memories.  This could be a great opportunity to showcase your favorite local bakery and feature seasonal favorites such as Christmas cookies or pumpkin pie.

7. A community booklet.

Joining a new community can be overwhelming. New home sales agents can help by giving homeowners a community guide that showcases local highlights so they can plan family events and meet neighbors.

8. Backyard games.

Is this a first-time homebuyer? Does the homebuyer love to host events? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to equip them with backyard games for get-togethers, cookouts, or for days when they just want to get outside.

9. A gardening supply kit.

Their new home has just been built, and there is a lot of potential for their front and backyard. This kit can include gardening gloves, a hand trowel, pruning shears, plant markers, and a kneeling pad.

10. A personalized stovetop cover.

Stovetop covers are quite practical since they cover the stovetop to give extra space for decorations or counterroom when cooking. The stovetop cover can be personalized with an outline of the house with the year the house was purchased or with the new homeowner’s last name or the initial of their last name.

11. A doormat.

Gifting a doormat to new homeowners will assist in creating a warm welcome for guests as they show off their new house. Not to mention, it can increase curb appeal and will save them a trip to the store.

12. A cleaning bundle. 

A cleaning bundle is a must for new homebuyers. After moving, dust from their travels can cover the floors, kitchen, and their personal belongings. Items can include a micro towel, brushes, Windex, counter cleaner, floor cleaner, and paper towels.

13. A gift card for a meal.

Moving can be a hassle. To assist new homeowners on the stressful move-in day, a new home sales agent can create a handwritten note and add a gift card for them to order their favorite meal. This can be quite practical and a small way to show that you care. 

Want more ideas for marketing on a community level? 

Your teams will see results when they incorporate referral marketingrealtor marketing, and homebuilder social media into your home builder marketing plan. You will see an increase in home builder lead generation and, therefore, increase your new home sales.

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Originally published Dec 1, 2023 under Explore the latest topics, updated January 23, 2024

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