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Closing Gifts for New Home Buyers

By Star Report 7 min read

Once a home is sold, homeowners are quickly overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation for the many memories that will be made there. Whether they are first-time home buyers or seasoned ones, the beginning of this new adventure deserves to be celebrated.

One way you, as the sales agent, can help commemorate this landmark occasion is to buy a closing gift for new home buyers. These gifts express gratitude and serve as a lasting reminder of this milestone in the homeowners’ lives. Not only is this a thoughtful token of appreciation that can build lasting relationships, but it can also serve as a part of your home builder marketing strategy. When choosing the perfect gift, consider the factors laid out in our Target Consumer Profile (TCP). Also, keep in mind any allergies or hobbies that were mentioned throughout the home buying process. This attention to detail will ensure that the gift seamlessly complements the home buyer’s preferences. 

Here are 26 closing gift ideas to show appreciation for new and current homeowners.

1. A handwritten note 

A handwritten letter is a heartfelt and personal way to show appreciation to current and previous home buyers. For recent new home buyers, congratulate them on their purchase. For homeowners you’ve worked with in the past, send a note wishing them happy holidays or inviting them to a local community event. 

2. A gift basket with local products and goods

Introduce the neighborhood's hidden gems with samples from local mom-and-pop shops. Partner with local businesses and put together a gift basket that highlights local attractions and restaurants. Personalize this gift by including the buyer’s favorite activities or hobbies. 

3. A candle and fresh-cut flowers

A candle and flowers can help the new homeowners feel warm and welcome. The flowers will add a pop of color, and the candle can create a cozy feel amidst the stress of moving. A handwritten letter would compliment this warm and sweet gift.

4. A personalized cheese board kit

This aesthetic yet practical gift can mean the world to the new homeowner. The cheese board can be personalized with the first letter of their last name or their full last name along with the year they bought the home. Bonus: This decorative item gives their home an extra personalized touch.            

5. A popcorn movie basket

Moving can be stressful! This basket provides homeowners with an excuse to kick back and relax with a movie. Dress it up with popcorn, seasonings and toppings, candy, a cozy blanket, beverages, and a movie. 

6. A warm pie or cookies

Warm pie and cookies always bring back nostalgic memories. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your favorite local bakery and feature seasonal favorites such as Christmas cookies or pumpkin pie.

7. A community booklet

Joining a new community can be a lot. You can help by giving homeowners a community guide that showcases local highlights so they can plan family events and meet neighbors. 

8. Backyard games

Is this a first-time home buyer? Do they love to host events? If so, this is an opportunity to equip them with backyard games for get-togethers, cookouts, or days when they just want to get outside with their family. 

9. A gardening supply kit

A newly built home has a lot of potential for its front and backyard. Help rev up those green thumbs with a gardening kit that includes gloves, a hand trowel, pruning shears, plant markers, and a kneeling pad. 

10. A personalized stovetop cover

Stovetop covers easily allow for extra counter space when cooking. The cover can be personalized with an outline of the home, including the year the home was purchased, or with the new homeowner’s last name or the initial of their last name. 

11. A doormat

Gifting a doormat to new homeowners will help create a warm welcome for guests as they show off their new home. It can also increase curb appeal and save them a trip to the store. 

12. A cleaning bundle 

After moving into a new home, dust and debris can cover the floors, kitchen, and personal belongings, making a cleaning bundle a must for new homebuyers. Items in the bundle can include a microfiber towel, brooms and mops, Windex, counter cleaner, floor cleaner, and paper towels

13. A gift card to a local restaurant

To assist new homeowners on the stressful move-in day, leave a handwritten note and a gift card to order a delicious meal. This practical gesture is a thoughtful way to show that you continue to support them throughout the entire home buying process. 

14. Personalized water bottles or travel mugs

Water bottles and travel mugs are practical everyday items that homeowners will enjoy using in their new homes and on the go.

15. A spa day gift basket

After the stress of moving into a home, an at-home spa basket will help homeowners unwind with some much-needed pampering. Consider including plush robes, bath salts, bath bombs, candles, and facemasks.

16. A toolkit

Toolkits are a fantastic gift for new home buyers, especially those who love a good DIY project. Not only can a toolkit help on move-in day, but it can also help with home improvement projects, assembling furniture, and hanging wall decor for years to come.

17. A personalized blanket

From the go-to movie night throw to a reliable companion for picnics in the park, personalized blankets are a year-round item for any new home buyer. Because they can be customized in many ways, they always make a great gifting option.

18. A pet gift basket

Is your new homeowner a proud pet parent? Pet gift baskets help make the transition into a new home a little easier for the family’s beloved animal. Put together a basket with tasty treats, fun toys, and even a new bed. Tails are sure to wag

19. A coffee lovers bundle

A coffee-themed gift can be an ideal closing gift for javaphiles. Curate a selection of coffee blends from local shops and roasters or a favorite brand you think they’ll enjoy for the sweet taste of a new home.

20. A plant

Add some color to the new home with a plant. Opt for low-maintenance indoor plants that can be enjoyed without time-consuming legwork, especially when the homeowners are still settling in.

21. A seasonal gift basket

With many holidays throughout the year, a seasonal gift basket is a timely way to celebrate with new home buyers and their children. These gifts are easy to craft and even more fun to deliver.

22. A personalized cutting board 

A cutting board is a sensible gift that can be used for years. These multipurpose boards can be put to use in the kitchen or for decoration throughout the home.

23. A new wreath

A wreath adds a welcoming touch to a home’s front door. Look for personalized wreaths that showcase the home buyer's hobbies/interests and can be used for some custom decor.

24. Cookware and kitchen utensils 

If your buyer loves to cook, gift them with new kitchen utensils and a local cookbook with recipes created in the region.

25. Framed artwork of the home

For a truly unique gift, you can commission a special work of art depicting the new home. Whether watercolor, hand-sketched, collaged, or crafted, this a keepsake that will be forever treasured.

26. Tickets to a local attraction

Every community has unique spots to explore. Finding a local attraction, such as a water park, historical landmark, theme park, or zoo, is an easy way to excite the new home buyer about their newfound community. 

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Originally published Dec 1, 2023 under Explore the latest topics, updated July 16, 2024

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