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6 Ways to Add Value ...

6 Ways to Add Value to Meetings

By Star Report 3 min read

By Joan McGinn, Sales Manager in South Carolina - New Home Star

It's no secret that meetings take up much of our workweek. However, they're a necessity in any industry when it comes to efficient communication and collaboration. Are your meetings adding value to your team? How many do you have in a typical week at the office? Most of us in the world of new home sales consistently connect with our sales team, our builder, clients, management, the marketing team, individual coworkers and so forth. Here are a few best practices for making the most of every planned work meeting: 


1) Think about format. 

Different types of projects require different types of meetings. Is it most effective to have a conference call or a face-to-face meeting? Would it be beneficial to meet outside of your sales office? Do you need to have a meeting or is there a better way to accomplish the same goal? The least effective meetings are those that don't need to be had. 

2) Always send a meeting request.  

A few days before the meeting, notify the participants you are inviting. Having time blocked out through Google Calendars can ensure that others won't miss the memo. Google also allows you to send digital invitations, time and location, and reminders. If it's a recurring meeting, you can also set up automatic reminders. 

3) Create an agenda and time frame.

We're all incredibly busy, so setting expectations upfront can be vital to communication with coworkers or clients. Let participants know how long the meeting will take and then respect their schedule. It's also nice to briefly touch on what will be discussed during the allotted time.


4) Designate someone to take notes.

Don't just recap what was said during the meeting. Make it valuable by creating an "action item" list. This list should have a call-to-action for the team or individuals, along with completion dates for these new tasks. This will be the starting point for follow-up gatherings and allow for measurable accountability. Have this list sent out via email after the meeting is finished.


5) Solicit feedback.

This one is especially important if you're a manager running a meeting for your sales team. Are your weekly sales meetings adding value to your team? Do your salespeople look forward to them? Small things like having energizing music playing when they enter, bringing snacks or switching up the meeting venue can make a big difference. Remember to celebrate successes, share challenges and always include a training component.


6) Let others lead. 

If you're a manager, let a team member lead a portion of your sales meeting. This can include training others on something they are proficient in or being in charge of the action item email. Effective meetings involve group participation. You will begin to see new leaders arise if you give them an opportunity to shine. 

Joan McGinn is an enthusiastic sales manager for New Home Star's South Carolina Division. She works closely with a team of sales professionals, lending over a decade of industry experience and a passion for providing exceptional customer service.  


Originally published May 25, 2016 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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