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10 Tips for Attending Your Next Company-Wide Conference

By Star Report 4 min read

Throughout your career, and especially in a career with New Home Star, there are plenty of opportunities to travel to professional events. These professional events can range from trainee boot camps for new hires, our leadership programs such as MENSA or LDP, and even our annual company-wide Sales Rally. With any professional or company-sponsored event, it is crucial to keep the following in mind to ensure you are soaking up all that is offered through this kind of experience, especially when embarking on your first company-wide conference adventure!

Five Tips for Your Next Company-Wide Conference (Mind)

1. Read Event Prep Materials. Is your inbox filled with event emails? It’s for a good reason! The pamphlets and agendas that are sent out to attendees are made to make the entire trip smoother for you. Take note of important deadlines, times, and locations. Once you have an official schedule, plug it into your mobile calendar so that it’s right at your fingertips or if they have an event app, download that! Our Sales Rally this year has an app that includes everything our attendees need to know for a successful trip and impactful experience. You can find it in your app store by searching for ‘NHS Sales Rally.’

2. Do Some Pre-Training Homework. If you know what subjects instructors will be covering in the trip you are attending, refamiliarize yourself with the training videos or corresponding materials that are already available to you. This way, you’ll be in the right mindset, and you can even have questions prepared for the instructors to answer in real-time! Our Sales Rally will encourage our teams to dive into an in-depth analysis of an internal case study that every attendee will be reading prior to arriving at the event and will be expected to have meaningful and engaging discussions with their peer groups onsite.

3. Plan Your Wardrobe Accordingly. Packing a last-minute wardrobe works sometimes, but when you are going to a location that you’re unfamiliar with, it’s not always the best option. Research the climate of the event location and be sure to read into the dress code provided by the event host.

4. Network, Network, Network! Don’t be afraid to talk to someone you don’t know! Networking is a perk that you don’t get when you’re at home, and for almost any business event, it’s a way to get out of your comfort zone and to make new connections, and enlargen your professional circle. Having different connections both inside and outside of your niche, industry, or division can go a long way, and the people you meet could be helpful to you in the future!

5. Stay Engaged and Act Professional. A lot of planning and effort goes into ensuring that attendees have a well-rounded experience. Even if the setting seems casual, be aware that you are still making professional impressions on others. Stay engaged, take plenty of notes, and don’t forget to ask questions!

Five Tips for Your Next Company-Wide Conference (Body)

These tips can help Sales Rally 2019 attendees stay safe and healthy while staying in the high altitudes of the world-renowned destination of Vail, Colorado.

1. Stay Hydrated. Even if you’re not breaking a sweat, regular water intake is essential for any regular day, but especially one that requires having a sharp mind and high energy. Don’t wait until you are dying of thirst! Keep a water bottle with you and drink more water before you arrive at the destination so that you can acclimate quicker. Our 2019 Sales Rally will be held in Vail, Colorado which is 8,150 feet above sea level, so this tip is a must for all attendees!

2. Choose Your Beverages Wisely. While you should be drinking more water, you need to be careful when drinking other beverages; certain beverages dehydrate you and will affect you even more when in high elevation. Lower your limits to prevent yourself from getting sick, as staying hydrated should be your main priority, and water is always your best option.

3. Don’t Overdo It. When you are caught up in all the fun, it can be easy to forget that you’re getting less oxygen intake. Don’t be afraid to take a breather every so often. Participating in our optional morning hike in the beautiful Colorado scenery will be appealing, but be sure that you are well-rested and preserve your energy while taking part in any event activity.

4. Carbs, Carbs, Carbs! Yes, your dreams are coming true! High elevation is the perfect time to eat more carbs because your body burns calories at a faster rate. When you’re experiencing altitude sickness, eating a full meal is especially crucial.

5. Bring Proper Medication If Needed. Altitude sickness doesn’t affect everyone, but it’s best to stay prepared! Bring a travel-sized bottle of ibuprofen or aspirin. There are even remedies made specifically for altitude sickness that can help reduce symptoms.

With both our general and Sales Rally specific tips, having a balanced and memorable trip is a no-brainer! Just remember, any company-wide conference, retreat, or event is truly an investment in those that attend, so be prepared, be productive, and most importantly, be yourself.

Originally published Sep 7, 2019 under Explore the latest topics, updated May 26, 2021

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