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New Home Sales Software


Gain an Edge Over Your Competition
With New Home Sales Software

Finally, world-class marketing, training, and operational resources are conveniently located on one platform. And it’s exclusively for builders.

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$ 3.5 B Sales Volume
18 National Awards
44 % Top 50 Market
22 % 3-Year Client CAGR

Designed by the Largest Private Seller of New Homes in America

Our myopic focus is to sell more homes more profitably with the best systems, processes, and strategies. And we have the knowledge — we’ve managed sales teams for the most prestigious American builders.

35% higher retention rate
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Modernize Your New Home Sales Team

This all-in-one sales enablement platform is used by the most prestigious home builders in the nation — turning your agents into an elite sales team.

Drive more leads

Turn your agents into top-notch marketing experts with playbooks and training that will drive more foot traffic.

Convert more buyers

Adult-learning technology informed our industry-leading sales training, enabling you to maximize every opportunity.

Gain new systems

Leverage decades of experience in new home sales processes from over 100 builders in America.

Build a winning culture

Energize your team by bringing them together in a platform that recognizes wins and promotes competition.

Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub

Unlocking full lead generation potential requires your sales team to take ownership of community-based initiatives. Enter: our Marketing Hub. Here, you can curate successful campaigns thanks to easy-to-follow steps, collateral, and strategic insights.

  • Utilize our in-house agency specializing in home builder marketing.
  • Create a lead-generation toolkit to supplement existing marketing.
  • Request Sales Agent Marketing Initiatives (SAMIs) to drive more traffic.
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Training Hub 1 (1)

Training Hub

This is the online training platform for new home sales teams. Consistency, process, and the right playbooks drive better sales results. The Training Hub provides sales teams with all they need, including timely and easy implementation tactics.

  • Learn from the largest community of new home sales professionals.
  • Dive into over 500 training modules.
  • Discover content for all user levels — from beginners to leadership members.
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Operations Hub

Operations Hub

Every community is different. You know your buyers, strengths, and challenges. We’ll support you through our Operations Hub, where you can access field-based data to make strategic pricing and incentive decisions.

  • Leverage insights on your competition.
  • Discover info on buyer motivations.
  • Read field-based data for every community.
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Engagement Hub 1

Engagement Hub

Welcome to the largest network for new home sales professionals! Share your insights, celebrate success stories, and recognize hard work. Supercharge your sales culture and motivate your team to new heights.

  • Showcase collaboration and gamification.
  • Connect with teams across the nation.
  • Build a winning culture.
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Selling More Homes is a Click Away

Take a look at how New Home Connect™ can change the game for your business. Schedule a call with one of our Business Strategists today.


What is the monthly subscription fee?

Subscription fees vary based on user count and included services. We can tailor the service package exclusively to you. Each package includes a New Home Connect™ subscription, monthly coaching session, quarterly strategy session, and an in-market kickoff boot camp. 

What kind of customer support can I expect?

Our SaaS+ Partnership provides a dedicated, tenured Client Success Manager with industry and sales leadership expertise. This NHS expert is there to ensure the utilization of the platform and that the overall partnership is optimized. Ultimately, this teammate will support you in all ways to help you sell more homes more profitably. Additionally, we provide 24-hour tech support to assist with any issues your team may have when using New Home Connect™.

How much time does it take to implement?

Our lead time from agreement to “Go Live” is 4–6 weeks. The exact timeframe is determined by the scope of work, custom services, size of your team, and the number of divisions in separate geographic areas.

Does the platform integrate with third-party tools?

Currently, our platform is a stand-alone solution that does not integrate with other third-party tools. We are currently working on several ways to link to our industry's most commonly used CRMs and Operational Software programs.

What reporting capabilities do I have?

New Home Connect™ has thorough built-in reporting functionality for many resources.

OPS Cycle: This feature provides detailed competition studies that cover multiple angles of comparison at the community level. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Base pricing comparisons of floor plans (adjusted/unadjusted).
  • Side-by-side feature comparisons per floor plan.
  • Target customer profiles/buyer segmentation.
  • Sales pacing, incentives, and available Inventory.

User Engagement Reporting: New Home Connect™ provides the ability to pull detailed reports on user engagement and platform participation.

  • Number of log-ins.
  • Training completion — both modules and assessments.
  • Feature utilization, including Marketing, Peer Learning, and more.
  • Hold your team members accountable through state-of-the-art reporting.