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New Home Star Hosts Third Annual Sales Rally in Vail, CO

By Star Report 2 min read

Chicago, IL - On September 17 to 19, New Home Star hosted its third annual Sales Rally which featured immersive object-based training, recognition, and of course, team bonding on every level in the world-renowned destination of Vail, Colorado. This year’s company-wide event was designed around the theme, The New Frontier, which is aimed at preparing our sales team for what’s to come in the homebuilding industry, both now and the future.

The theme of the event, “The New Frontier,” brought our group together with one purpose in mind: define our company’s expedition into the changes in the industry as the Best New Home Sales Company in the World. “The home building industry has blessed so many of us over the last decade, but it will not always be so kind. We have to be ready for the downturn, as well as changes through technology in the home buying process. Bringing those changes to light was the purpose of this event,” says Founder, David Rice.

The three-day initiative included several workshops that involved object-based learning which was all designed around the firm’s internal case study, “Mentoring Gone Sideways.” Not only was the training facilitated by our leadership team, but it also featured real-life survival skills by certified professionals that could be translated into many life situations but also those that the characters faced in the study. “This approach at training is completely different than anything we’ve ever done before,” says Marketing Manager, Chris Laskowski. “By distributing this kind of content and creating study groups within our event, we were not only able to train collectively as a group on the case study, but also on an individual level too. We feel that this path is one that will stick with our teams and translate into introspection as they return to market.”

There were several other memorable moments and highlights from the event including a wild west themed award ceremony that was hosted at the non-profit venue, 4 Eagle Ranch. The ceremony recognized our top performers from the last twelve months on every level of the organization— sales, leadership, and our Corporate staff.

“This was an incredible award ceremony, and the rockstars that came up on stage will never forget that moment,” says Keith McKinney, VP of Organizational Development. “I was truly honored to be the one to recognize so many of them, and I hope to see them back during next year’s event.”

Check out our favorite event highlights of our Sales Rally with this photo album link!

Originally published Sep 26, 2019 under Newsroom, updated May 18, 2021

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