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Driving Away with a TESLA Model S: New Home Sales Agent Named as 2018 Clash of Titans Champ

By Star Report 2 min read

Chicago, IL. - After two and a half months of a nail-biting competition, one winning Sales Titan has been named and is driving away with the grand prize: a TESLA Model S! The Clash of Titans contest was designed to test the sales professionals at New Home Star on the most comprehensive training curriculum the industry has seen yet. Although New Home Star is known for offering internal contests for their people, this competition veered away from their traditional approach.

Rather than rewarding agents for sales accumulated within a given time, the entirety of this contest was centered on sharpening the craft of new home sales, deriving solely from their training methodology. “We wanted this contest to be different than our standard style,” says Founder David Rice. “Typically, our focus with contests is all about maximizing short-term results. However, to build an elite sales team, you need to also incentivize long-term activities that lead to success, like training.”

Kicking off in January, the contest served as a national experience, with all New Home Star divisions competing in three rounds: a team video submission of local objectives present in market, live game show of sales tactics between five team representatives, and a full role play buying experience from start to finish with New Home Star’s Founder, David Rice.

“This contest took everything I had to just make it to the final five,” says winning Sales Titan Mark Keating from Wisconsin. “Following up to the game show and final role play, I was either studying, selling, or sleeping. The difficulty of the competition is a testament to New Home Star’s training.”

Though this contest comes with a large investment, Rice believes it will pay for itself many times over. “Giving our people the tools and resources they need to succeed is something we take pride in,” he says. “Adding a runway for success and opportunity is the something we will never stop doing and this contest serves as a perfect example.”

Originally published May 24, 2018 under Newsroom, updated May 18, 2021

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