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Thomas Wagner


​​​​As Junior Marketing Coordinator, Thomas Wagner is responsible for providing marketing support for agents around the country by completing Sales Associate Marketing Initiatives (SAMIs) and Demand Generation initiatives. Thomas has also assisted with the creation of a 12-month SAMI reference calendar, creating landing pages for builder clients, and assisting NHS in a variety of copywriting and marketing initiatives.


Thomas graduated from North Central College with a B.A. in Marketing. During his time in school, he competed on the North Central College Swim Team and obtained a minor in Biology. Thomas really has a passion for helping others and building meaningful relationships with those around him. He strives to be a team player and contribute to the company's mission. 


Thomas enjoys getting outdoors and enjoying nature at its finest in his free time. He loves to go camping and new environments around him that he can explore. Fishing is another passion of Thomas's; he enjoys sitting in the water to find a good catch.