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Paola Nava

Human Resources

As an HR Generalist, Paola Nava is dedicated to managing a broad range of human resources functions. Her role encompasses administering HR policies, procedures, and programs, overseeing benefits and leave administration, facilitating employee relations, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Paola is passionate about the impact of meaningful work on individuals' lives and strives to help people find fulfilling careers. She finds immense satisfaction in connecting with individuals nationally, guiding them through career transitions, and supporting their professional growth.

Paola holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Elmhurst University and has a diverse background in business and communication. Eager to continually develop her skills and knowledge, she actively seeks opportunities for growth and learning in all areas.

Outside of work, Paola is an avid coffee enthusiast and loves exploring new culinary experiences. Whether experimenting in the kitchen or exploring new hobbies, she tries to infuse every aspect of her life with enthusiasm and zest.