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Michael Scott


As Sales Director and Lot Acquisition Director, Michael Scott is responsible for overseeing the Orlando sales operation and Land Acquisition Department for New Home Star. Michael Scott has been instrumental in the success of New Home Star over the years. He previously worked as a Senior Director for Simplicity Homes, and Sales Director for Maronda Homes, where he ran the sales operations throughout the Orlando North area. He’s an award-winning sales professional who brings a vast range of experiences, first starting in Human Resources at the New Home Star Corporate office to later transitioning out into the field to represent our clients.


Michael enjoys the environment of the real estate industry with new challenges arising every day, and he takes pride in having the opportunity to provide the American Dream to customers. Once Michael transitioned to the selling floor, he received several top sales volume awards in his division and from the organization as a whole, including the 2017 Corporate Member of the Year award.


Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Elmhurst University. He is a sports enthusiast and a big Chicago sports fan — Chicago Cubs, to ensure no confusion. He’s been a great example of the advancement that New Home Star allows, and the organization has enjoyed watching him grow since starting his journey with the company in 2013.


  • 2017 Corporate Leader of the Year