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Jared Mezquita

New Home Connect

As a full-stack developer for New Home Connect™,  Jared helps maintain existing features and develop new features that are required to meet the needs of our corporate and field teams. He works on both the front end and back end of New Home Connect™, learning different programming languages to contribute to our codebase and enhance every aspect of New Home Connect™.

Having earned tangible experience in his previous role as a software engineer and a degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Jared enjoys exploring new technological frontiers and finding creative solutions. He believes a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile will inspire everyone around him to succeed.

When he isn’t developing creative solutions to enhance New Home Connect™, Jared is an active cyclist, having biked over 1,200 miles in 2022. He loves trying new food and attempting to cook, trying different breweries, earning passport stamps through traveling, and spending time with his girlfriend and dog at home.