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Eric Ficke

Business Development

As Senior Business Manager, Eric Ficke is tasked with growing our business by developing new strategies, products, and services as well as building and promoting brand awareness within our industry. He is currently leading our efforts to grow our SaaS business portfolio and Consultation offerings. In addition, he works in close cooperation with numerous departments within our Corporate Support and Services teams, including assisting our Organizational Development team by providing sales and leadership training at a national level, supporting efforts in conducting competition and market analyses, and working closely with our SaaS clientele to provide solutions to their needs.

Since joining New Home Star in 2015, Eric has been on the sales floor and led sales teams in five different markets with four builders while working up our Career Path to his current leadership role. He enjoys coming up with creative solutions to make the most out of every opportunity as well as sharing who and what New Home Star is to potential partnership opportunities and anyone curious about the company.

Eric has received numerous sales performance and leadership awards throughout the years. His passion for our organization is evident each and every day, as his contributions have made significant impacts in every role he has held. Outside of work, Eric loves to travel and is a history and geography buff. He was born in Guam and has lived in seven states.