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Christina Cox


Christina Cox's career in new homes construction began as a seemingly random, part-time job during her college years. It quickly transformed into a lifelong passion. This became her industry and one she is very proud to represent.

Christina brings a broad and diverse set of skills to her role. Her experience in operations, land development, design, construction, sales, and sales management has provided her the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to succeed. She firmly believes in managing to strengths, not weaknesses. This philosophy has not only driven her personal success, but helped her build highly functioning, content teams of successful professionals. A proud member of the National Association of Women in Construction, Christina's commitment to workforce development and the advancement of women in the construction industry is unwavering. She understands the importance of creating an educated trade force for the future and the need to encourage diversity in traditionally male-dominated field.

Her professional life is characterized by her positivity, endless ideation, and a penchant for intellectual exploration. Her collaborative spirit is evident in every project she undertakes. Her ability to bring people together to achieve common goals is inspiring. Christina has the discipline, the heart and the experience to happily tackle any new challenge. Outside of her professional endeavors, Christina is an avid dog foster parent dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need. She also finds solace in the pages of a good book and cherishes the exploration of different destinations and cultures.