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Brett Scheller

New Home Connect

As a Full Stack Developer, Brett Scheller focuses on improving the organization’s sales enablement platform, New Home Connect™. Some days she is writing SQL queries to manage the database, and other days she’s perfecting the front-end user experience in the browser. Most times, she works with the frameworks that live between the database and the browser.

Brett started her career in full stack development by working with a software team based out of Athens, Greece before joining New Home Star. She earned a degree in Mathematics from DePaul University, and she’s a member of MENSA and LearnedLeague, a trivia competition.

Brett views the world as her puzzle, and it’s her job to solve it. She loves riddles, poker, and trivia, and is always looking for any kind of friendly competition. When not working, you’ll often find Brett spending time with her cat, Dexter, and taking daily walks around her neighborhood.