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Aaron Wagner


Aaron Wagner operates as Senior Director of Organizational Development for New Home Star. In tandem with our Organizational Development team, Aaron oversees our Leadership Development Program (LDP), creates a wide host of training content and processes for sales associates and managers, and travels to New Home Star’s 30+ markets nationwide to assist with sales training and recruitment. 

As one of the organization’s most successful leaders, Aaron has been recognized as the 2014 Salesperson of the Year (Colorado South Division), 2016 Sales Leader of the Quarter, 2018 Corporate Leader of the Year, and Pro Builder Top 40 Under 40. He finds it rewarding to watch individuals develop and grow both as leaders and as people, and, in his current position, he’s able to play a significant role in seeing and contributing to this growth on both the Corporate and Leadership levels.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs and holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a Change Management specialization. Aaron currently resides in Florida but frequently makes his presence known in our markets across the nation. He plays a pivotal role in the continual development of our organization and continues to improve our processes and effectiveness year-round. 


  • 2014 Salesperson of the Year - Colorado South Division
  • 2016 Sales Leader of the Quarter
  • 2018 Corporate Leader of the Year
  • Pro Builder Top 40 Under 40