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Victoria Heinz


As Assistant Finance Manager, Victoria Heinz works closely with sales directors and leadership team members around the country to ensure key financial metrics are communicated effectively and payroll is accurate and timely. Vikki and her department strive to implement sustainable and efficient solutions that are scalable and promote profitability, helping to build the best new home sales company in the world.

Vikki loves that she gets to interact with different people across the country and create meaningful relationships with them, all while working towards a common goal in each separate location. She double majored in Accounting and Finance at Elmhurst University, local to our Corporate office.

Vikki has two sons that are her motivation each day, while also driving her crazy on a daily basis. She has been deemed Ms. Elmhurst and is passionate about sustainability, helping those in need, and spending time with her family. She’s a big sports fan and enjoys watching football — actively participating in the office fantasy league each year.