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Tyler Stevens


As Business Operations Manager at New Home Star, Tyler Stevens plays a pivotal role across multiple departments, focusing on business operations and strategy. His main responsibilities include refining resources that boost the performance of new home sales teams and management through effective training and process improvements. While he no longer manages the Online Sales Concierge (OSC) team day-to-day, he continues to have a strategic impact on the team, ensuring alignment with the company’s overarching goals.


Tyler’s journey with New Home Star spans over eight years, during which he has contributed to various sectors within the company, from Marketing and Organizational Development to on-site and online sales. His diverse experience across these areas is crucial as he tackles complex challenges that enhance strategic and operational processes. Committed to fostering growth, Tyler is dedicated to mentoring his teams, guiding their career advancement, and instilling the core values and culture of NHS.


Holding a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, Tyler is a fervent football fan and actively contributes to his community as the President of Northline American Football Club Corp. This nonprofit organization provides high school students who otherwise might not have the opportunity, the chance to play football. In his free time, Tyler enjoys live music and values spending quality time with friends and family.


  • Silver Award recipient from NAHB Nationals for Online Sales Team of the Year (2021 and 2022)