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Melanie Bateman


As a Junior Marketing Coordinator, Melanie Bateman plays a critical role on the Star Marketing team — assisting agents in managing requests, working with designers, and carrying out consultations to advise on marketing efforts. She consistently works with our builder partners’ marketing teams to ensure brand consistency for each asset. 

Melanie received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University. To hone her craft and keep in touch with her creative and artistic side, Melanie also managed a number of social media platforms at her university. In her current position, Melanie especially enjoys the team she works with and seeing all the unique initiative ideas come to life. 

Melanie is widely recognized as a people person and loves to connect with others throughout the organization. Her coworkers greatly appreciate the many baked goods she provides; she was even a finalist in a cupcake-baking competition at a pastry school she attended.