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Kyle Morford


As Sales Manager of our Maronda Homes Columbus, OH division, Kyle Morford’s main role is to support his sales team in every way possible. He provides strategic and tactical sales leadership and management, including recruiting, selecting, developing, and overseeing his team while working closely with his builder partner to assist in business development and execution.

Kyle started with New Home Star as a Sales Trainee in 2016 and has quickly moved along the organization’s Career Path. His current position offers him the opportunity to truly be involved in the lives of his team members, which allows him to help each individual evolve both personally and professionally. Because of his successful leadership, Kyle earned New Home Star’s Rockstar of the Month award.

Kyle is passionate about helping others grow and develop into the best version of themselves, and his position allows him to use this passion every day. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Eastern Michigan University. Kyle is a big sports fan, frequently playing soccer, basketball, and baseball, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two labrador retrievers. 


  • 2022 Sales Leader of the Quarter