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David Rice


David Rice is the founder and architect of New Home Star. For more than 13 years, he has been a technology disruptor, home building industry expert, and sales and marketing authority.

In 2008, David recognized an opportunity to sell homes differently — he wanted to create a company for salespeople built by salespeople and powered by the most collaborative and comprehensive new home sales enablement platform. New Home Star is the modern home sales management firm that puts career growth first and uses data and technology to better sales performance. Its full-time team of developers constantly iterates on New Home Star’s proprietary in-house technology to create a platform that fosters close-knit teams, efficiency, friendly competition, and connection.

For nearly a decade before founding New Home Star, David led Pulte Homes as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for their DiVosta, Del Webb, and Pulte brands. During his time there, he led Pulte’s top-performing division to nearly $1 billion in single-year sales revenue, set the state record for the most new homes sold in Michigan in a single year, and was named the youngest vice president in a Fortune 150 home building company with more than 14,000 employees.

David has been recognized for his technology innovation in the new home sales space, his people-first focus that results in revolutionary ideas, and a team that now works with some of the biggest builders in the U.S. and Canada. He was named one of Glassdoor’s Top CEOs of 2018 and was named an Entrepreneur of the Year® 2021 Finalist.

David holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School. He is married to his junior high school sweetheart and has three children. In addition to leading the New Home Star team, he is the Founder and Chairman of the charitable organization Debbie’s Closet™.


  • Glassdoor Top CEOs 2018
  • Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Finalist