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Dan White

Market Analysis

As the Lead Market Strategist, Dan White serves as both Market Analyst and Builder Operations Consultant. Over more than 10 years, he has had the opportunity to strategize, sell, or manage projects for nearly every buyer profile, product type, builder size, and price point across multiple regions. In this role, Dan focuses on using data to inform strategy, operations, and organizational results.


Dan combines data-driven strategies with a deep understanding of market dynamics to offer invaluable insights that empower builders to make informed decisions. He practices "actionable analytics," translating raw data into tactics and offering practical guidance that promotes growth and sustainability. His efforts to support and empower those around him so they may realize their full potential and live their best life does not go unnoticed by his team members, and he received the 2017 Sales Leader of the Quarter award. Dan also shares his knowledge through articles, interviews, and various industry presentations.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Positive Psychology, Organizational, and Industrial Psychology, and Outdoor Leadership. While he’s not crunching numbers and creating strategies, you may find Dan competing in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments internationally and throughout the country.