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Chris Laskowski


As the Director of Marketing for New Home Star, Chris Laskowski oversees a diverse range of projects and manages the Star Marketing team at the Corporate Support office. He works to ensure that overall marketing efforts are at the highest level possible for company operations, including recruitment and business development marketing as well as internal initiatives such as contests and events. Chris is also tasked with overseeing our in-house marketing agency that offers design services for team members and clients nationwide.

Since joining the organization in 2012, Chris has been an integral part of the development and growth of the marketing department and the company as a whole. He takes pride in leading the marketing team and enjoys the opportunity to create, develop, and collaborate on so many unique and challenging initiatives. His main goal is to help individuals realize their full potential each day, and because of his leadership and support, he was awarded the 2017 Corporate Leader of the Year award.

Chris received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago, is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and has received a certification in Digital Marketing from the University of South Florida. He loves the outdoors and views it as his second home, and he also likes to say he has the best and sweetest dog of all the Corporate Support office members, but that notion is still up for debate. 


  • 2017 Corporate Leader of the Year