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Why an Energy Efficient Home Might Be For You

By Star Report 2 min read

Eco-friendly homes may not be widespread phenomenon just yet, but there is a lot in store for these communities that thrive on saving energy. You utilize resources more efficiently, your bills are lower, you feel good about your home and odds are you and your family are breathing better air.


Like Garbett Homes, who has made their way to the top of the market be creating energy-efficient homes. These homes put their owners in control of everything, like decreasing utility bills every month. Their goal is to create comfortable, livable homes that save homeowners money from January to December. Often times, families are quite surprised by how much utilities can rack up, especially in months of extreme weather. Garbett has made it's name by making these kinds of homes a possibility, and it's worked well. Recently, they were given the award for Green Builder's Green Home of the Year- Best Resilient Design.


There is a method to the green madness, too. As a salesperson, it is important to understand that most buyers don't understand. Throwing eco-obsessed jargon at them will not make them more interested in a home. Like this article by Builder Online suggests, it is best to make sure the buyer knows the benefits that they will get out of an energy-efficient home (i.e. saving money on utility bills.) Not everyone is on a mission to save the world, so make sure a potential home buyer knows what is in it for them. Imagine saving up to 60% on your energy bill. The average energy bill in the United States is $107.28, and for Garbett, this translates into a $13,800 reduction from a $250,000 mortgage (3.92% rate and a 30 year term).


But buyers aren't the only ones that love them, so does the government. A bill went is headed to the desk of Michigan governor Rick Snyder that would pay residents back for building more energy efficient homes. It's true, not everyone is jumping on the super-green bandwagon. But enough are that creates the need for builders like Garbett Homes and others.


Originally published Dec 23, 2014 under Explore the latest topics, updated May 9, 2024

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