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Using Appointments to Create Natural Urgency

By Star Report 2 min read

In new home sales, a huge key to success is the creation of urgency.  One of the easiest things sales associates can do to create a natural sense of urgency is to strategically schedules their appointments at the same time.  If two or more sales associates are working at the same location on the same day and their appointments show up at the same time to discuss what homes are available, these prospective buyers see competition and, as a result, natural urgency and fear of loss are created.  

Every new prospect desires a first impression from such things as the look of the model or the sales associate's friendliness, but also if they are the only people shopping.  If there are no other people around shopping just like they are, then lacking a sense of urgency can become an objection to handle.  But, by seeing a highly active model home with other sales associates discussing what is available with potential buyers, then each prospect instinctively becomes competitive and the sense of urgency is created naturally.

I like to have each of my sales associates get into the habit of always scheduling their appointments at either 10am for the morning or 2pm for the afternoon.  If they are successful and each sales associate has at least one appointment scheduled at 10am and 2pm, then they have simply created an urgency selling opportunity.  By by establishing an environment of multiple customers touring at the same time, creating their natural sense of urgency, the sales associates then are able to use the other appointment to help with their own sales process.  This is a simple and natural way to help sales associates with what can make or break a perfect sales presentation…creating urgency!

Kirk Klafter began his career developing and managing start-up operations for luxury health resorts.  In 2005, I joined Centex Destination Properties in their Las Vegas Resort Division.  There, he quickly became a leading Sales Executive for the company and won several top sales awards.  In 2008, his success grew as a Director of Sales in Tennessee, developing sales in the luxury home market for multiple golf resort communities.  Prior to coming on board with New Home Star, he was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a residential development group in New England.

Originally published May 27, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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