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Top Five Reasons to Partner with New Home Star in a Strong Market

By Chris Laskowski 6 min read

Going into 2022, home builders across the country have experienced a roaring market, with demand quickly outpacing supply. While we expect the market to eventually simmer as prices continue to rise, this year will mark another strong performance for the home building industry on top of all the growth we already experienced in 2021.

So why partner with New Home Star when sales pace is at or nearing capacity?

New Home Star is the largest private seller of new homes in America, partnered with some of the industry’s most revered home builders. We are a modern new home sales management firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation.

Last year, New Home Star partnered with a record-breaking number of new clients. Below are the top five reasons why builders moved forward with a New Home Star partnership.

1. Scale Your Growth Into New Markets

Opening up operations in a new area, especially if it’s located out of state, can be one of the most demanding challenges to get right from the very beginning. There is a tremendous amount of effort required to recruit, train, and manage a whole new sales team that provides the same quality service as in your established markets. Not only will your executive resources be stretched thin to manage the sales side of the business, but you will also have to lay the foundation for the operational processes and the building out of trade partnerships.

By working with New Home Star, we will be able to pour all of our expertise, processes, and recruitment team to build a top-performing sales team into your expansion efforts, allowing you to focus on the big picture. Below are some of the most common resources used in this type of growth.

  • Community-Level Market Analysis: Receive a market performance report that looks at both new construction and resale trends for optimal pricing and positioning.
  • Award-Winning Recruitment: We have recently been named as a top-three best place to work by Glassdoor and named the #1 firm by Crain’s Chicago Business (Large Category). With our brand on your side, you are able to tap into a new level of sales potential.
  • Comprehensive Sales Training: Our training combines in-person coaching with the most extensive training platform in the industry — all to help agents create a consistent high-quality customer experience in half the time.

Together with our entire offering, expansion into new markets becomes a seamless process that helps to set you up for success and the ability to quickly gain ground from the competition.

2. Fix a Single Struggling Community

Undoubtedly, you have experienced or are currently dealing with a community in your Division that isn't performing the way you expected. Maybe it is even so far off that your salespeople hope they don’t draw that short straw. They also take the most time and effort from a leadership perspective to manage.

Our formulaic approach gives us the ability to turn your struggling community around with a proven track record. In a 90-day period, we will come in and provide a business plan that includes a community assessment, SWOT Analysis, competition study, and have a top-performing salesperson staffing it. We will pour all of our strategic resources as the largest private seller of new homes in America to make it work. If three months later, you don’t love working with us and you want to give the community to one of your salespeople because it has improved, there will be no obligation beyond it.

3. Deliver Unprecedented Customer Service

The pandemic has given the industry a sales boost by flooding model centers with appointments, thus ramping up extensive interest lists. Each day, people are growing more and more frustrated because they are being told there is limited supply and that they might have to wait weeks, if not months, before they can buy while they watch prices rapidly go up.

There is more that is asked of the Sales Agents than ever before. Not having the right training and support can mean the difference between coming out of the pandemic with a premier brand position or falling short. More importantly, if customer service is not properly implemented, the damage to your online reputation and Realtor community may stay with you for many years to come.

That is why New Home Star has a dedicated team of tech-savvy strategists, system architects, and sales trainers building processes to tackle the ever-changing new home sales environment — all deployed through our proprietary platform. We also measure satisfaction and perform ongoing secret shops to quickly identify problems and find solutions. As a result, our clients earn some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the whole industry.

4. Eliminate Fixed Sales Costs

Free up a large portion of your overheads by eliminating your sales team’s fixed salary and benefit costs, and take advantage of a variable structure. Pay only for performance and enjoy a single point of accountability. This will enable you to scale your costs with your growth, rather than tying up precious capital resources into sales efforts.

5. Maximize Margins on Every Home Sold

Driving more profitability for our builders is at the forefront of all of our activities — it is our purpose and mission. While profitability starts by having a top sales performer staffed, developed, and managed by an experienced Sales Director, the sales team needs to be armed with the proper tools to protect the value of your offering.

  • Ops Cycle: This is a process that coaches each person on the sales team to think like a business person. It starts with the Asset 180°, or the 180 most important questions about the area, project, builder, and product. Then a competition study is done and a SWOT analysis is performed. Together, each community receives a business plan presentation every quarter.
  • Multi-Layered Support: Not only do your Sales Agents receive best-in-class resources to tackle the constantly-changing challenges of the sales process, but the burden that typically falls on the Sales Manager for recruitment, marketing support, and training is relieved by an extensive support team. This allows your sales team to have a myopic focus on every transaction and maximizing margins.

If you are interested in more information about how New Home Star maximizes margins for our builder partners, please take a look at our roundtable discussion with our senior leadership as they dive into more nuanced perspectives.

Is New Home Star Right for Your Operations?

Entrusting a new partner with your sales operations is no small decision, as it takes a great deal of faith and due diligence. New Home Star has earned that trust with dozens of builders throughout North America and can help with even the most ambitious business objectives.

We offer a variety of solutions ranging from online sales concierge services and the licensing of our technology to full strategic outsource relationships for entire divisions or a single community. Contact one of our Account Executives to provide a complimentary assessment at 847-961-2783.

Originally published Mar 8, 2021 under Explore the latest topics, updated May 17, 2023

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