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Top 10 Character Traits of a New Home Sales Candidate

By Star Report 2 min read

The hiring process is more than just finding a candidate with industry knowledge. In our field of new home sales, screening for candidates with a multifaceted skill set is essential in finding the right fit. Here are a few important skills to keep in mind:


1. Attitude: The candidate's attitude towards life will depict the kind of attitude they will bring through the doors professionally. A good attitude can go a long way, attracting customers and bettering their personal success.

2. Humility: Humility is key. They should be able to achieve the delicate balance between being confident and not making others feel small in this confidence.

3. Attention to detail: Note if they paid attention to every detail about their appearance, their resume, how they present themselves, etc. You can conclude that the care they took to prepare for this interview, is the same care they will have for their model and customers.

4. Life support system: Potential associates who do not have a strong support system at home may have more trouble succeeding. Make sure they have a solid network of family and friends to add life support away from work.

5. Ability to adapt to change: Our industry and our work environment is constantly changing.  Therefore, the associate must be able to adapt as well.

6. 'Magnetic' Personality: This isn't just being an outgoing person or an extrovert. 'Magnetic' means people are drawn to this person. This is a crucial part of interacting with potential buyers and building trust. Are you drawn to them? Chances are, this means potential buyers will be too.

7. Are they a listener?: As interviewers, we are often are so busy asking questions that we don't take the time to find out if our candidate can listen. Spend more time conducting dialogue about the company during your interview. This will tell you how well they'll take learned practices onto the sales floor.

8. Goal Oriented: Inquire about their long-term goals.  If you get the proverbial "I have not thought about it," you might want to re-analyze the hire. Understanding their motivation will help you best see if this position can achieve those goals. 

9. Consistently Persistent: Did you have to call THEM three times to get the interview?  Did it take you sending three emails back and forth to get a response?  Did you get a follow-up 'thank you' for the interview? Did they follow up again a few days later?  All of these questions should be taken into account when meeting with candidates. They are telltale signs of how much THEY want the job.

10. Creativity: Whether it's developing unique SAMI efforts or using incentives to close a deal with a potential buyer, a great salesperson knows how to be creative to grow their community.

Originally published Oct 7, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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