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The Retail Presence ...

The Retail Presence and You

By Star Report 3 min read

By Carol Douis, Regional Vice President - New Home Star

As salespeople, we don't necessarily think of ourselves as being part of the retail industry. However, defines 'retail' as "the sale of goods to ultimate consumers." Sounds like the sales industry, right? A retail presence is the experience consumers receive upon entering an establishment where they look to buy a product. Often, there is a unique smell, look and feel easily associated with each experience. When you walk into a great retail space, you know what to expect; there isn't mixed messaging and you feel that you are welcome and wanted. You're more inclined to linger while browsing the product and much more inclined to return.

What we don't find when we visit top-notch retail facilities are overflowing waste baskets, unpleasant odors, crooked or faded signage, fingerprints on display cases or clutter (you get the idea). If we arrive at a store in the morning, we usually don't see employees rushing around getting things ready for their customers. They are ready with the lights on and a clean, fresh space from the moment the doors are unlocked. Each day, they are prepared to provide buyers a welcoming experience.

It's incredibly vital for every sales associate to believe in the retail presence needed in their sales center, in their community and in their own presentation. Part of the sales associate's responsibility is ensuring all elements of a prospect's prescribed path towards purchase are maintained and valuable. Attention to detail when it comes to retail presence is essential. Here are some key areas to review on a daily, weekly and monthly basis: 



- Arrival Experience: What is the state of the signage around your community?

- Sales Center: Evaluate your center's lighting, freshness and overall ambiance (consider your Target Consumer Group when evaluating). What are they taking away from their first visit?

- Community Messaging: Is messaging in your sales center and community updated? Does it speak to your TCG? Is there urgency? 

- Welcoming Factor: Consider using balloons throughout your neighborhood and stocking up on fresh fruit, candy and coffee for your sales center. Photos of real people or events from the community can also be a great addition. Always look like you are expecting a crowd and always be prepared.

Take a moment to dig deeper into each of the key areas above. There are plenty of subcategories that aren't included in these brief, overarching questions. Begin by taking ownership of your community's retail presence and drive a positive, welcoming experience for each and every customer entering through your doors. The right retail presence fosters credibility for both sales professionals and builders, resulting in confident consumers and more sales.

Carol Douis brings 25+ years of sales leadership and experience to serve homebuilders and developers in the areas of sales strategy, coaching, training and organizational development. Douis has a strong history of successfully maximizing sales effectiveness for both large and small sales teams. 

Originally published Jun 22, 2016 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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