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The Hidden Perks of ...

The Hidden Perks of Master Planned Communities

By Star Report 2 min read

The new home vs. resale battle will always exist. But what about a large group of new homes, all in one place? This unique and ever growing niche market of planned communities focuses on large-scale development with multiple developers. Master-planned communities are built for convenience, with no haphazard development involved. Every part of the community is planned out before it is constructed, typically with predetermined population thresholds and plans for growth. Imagine a convenient mix of residential homes, businesses, and parks, all nearby. Most have very natural surroundings and are constructed in an area that has not been developed yet.


We've outlined some of what we think are the best benefits of living in a master-planned community. This list isn't all-inclusive, but we've picked what we think makes these communities such an enjoyable place to live.

  1. Community-wide amenities: Every master-planned community has an overwhelming amount of amenities, from pools and recreation complexes to parks and trails. Some communities are even built around a common interest, such as golf, outdoor recreation, or adult living. Clubhouses and bike paths are other common amenities you will find in these areas for residents to use.

  1. Events: Imagine the events that a typical town or city offers: parades, festivals, meet and greets, and get togethers. Now, multiply that times 10. Master-planned communities thrive on bringing their residents together and creating an environment of camaraderie, common interests, and networking. Residents often participate in a variety of tournaments, galas, fundraisers, and events for children.

  1. Varying infrastructure and size: While upkeep of homes, landscaping, and surrounding areas is important to residents, that doesn't mean there aren't any options. Because these communities are so large, they require the help of many builders. This offers a selection in price, size, and infrastructure when choosing a home.


Most importantly, there is more to a new home than it being new. A thriving and enjoyable community experience is something a resale cannot do. These communities are designed to relocate populations away from large cities, giving them everything they need in one place. This often encompasses schools, too. And while no community, town, or city is perfect, master-planned communities definitely get you close.

Originally published Jan 7, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated December 22, 2021

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