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Summer Home Selling ...

Summer Home Selling Tips

By Star Report 4 min read

Battling ever since its collapse in 2007, there is now substantial evidence that the new home industry is in full speed. Since February, we have seen an incredibly paced uptick in sales, and most experts are beginning to believe that the industry is performing at a pre-2008 level. This is reflected through New Home Star, the nation’s largest private seller of new homes. Coming off of a solid March and April, the company rallied together during the Cancún 500 contest and exceeded their goal by 48 sales, setting a new company record. Transitioning from this incredibly busy selling season can create unforeseen obstacles. Founder David Rice hosted the company’s monthly All Stars Sales Call last month and discussed his Five S’ of Summer Survival Guide.

Survival Item #1: Sales

With the industry booming, it is quite likely that most sales agents are on pace to smash their yearly goal. However, this is not the time to get lackadaisical. Sales agents are still accountable for the numbers set before them this month, and for the months to follow. A metaphoric reset button has been pushed, and the sales above goal from last month do not count toward this month’s goal. Your new objective is to beat your previously-established plan, not to regress. As Rice acknowledged, “It is part of survival to hit your monthly sales goal, and if you can’t, run to your builder!”

Survival Item #2: Service

Over and above the responsibility to write additional sales, it is now more important than ever to take care of your backlog and place priority on providing great service. The success of last quarter took intense energy. Therefore it is critical that you place equal effort into making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Reflect back and ask yourself, “How am I servicing my backlog?” At the very least, you should ensure that your promises are being upheld and that there is consistent professional communication between yourself and your buyers that have yet to close.

Survival Item #3: Servitude

In the realm of sales, it is easy to fall prey to the notion of entitlement. You greeted the customer, you demonstrated the floor plan, you helped them pick the final homesite and got them to agree to the terms of the agreement, so you deserve all of the praise, right? You must constantly remember that you are only one member of the team and that there are many other individuals that make what you do possible. As Rice explains, “When you are extracting a lot of value from a situation, you need to focus on the relationships around you.” Show your gratitude not only by doing your job in a way that creates no hardship on them but also by offering to help in any way you can. During the slightly slower months of the summer, you will have extra time to go out of your way to show your sales, construction and corporate teams appreciation.

Survival Item #4: Sustainability

As any industry expert could tell you, new home sales is very cyclical. It is easy for us to be excited about what is currently happening because the industry is at a high. With the increased traffic and quality of traffic, it is harder to recognize the need for continual engagement in training and personal development. However, it is important to understand that there are more difficult times ahead of us, and we must prepare for these. As Rice stated in the All Stars Sales Call, “Sales are easy now, but they won’t be tomorrow. It is the perfect time to dig deep and plant your roots.”

Survival Item #5: Self

Assuming that you have already placed emphasis on the other four S', summertime is great for prioritizing self. To ensure that you are both successful and happy, it is important to find a healthy work-life balance. It wouldn’t have made sense to do so in the busyness of Q1, but with traffic dying down, you should spend extra time taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Whether it be by taking a short vacation away from work or turning off the email notifications on your phone for the day, by slowing down for a brief moment of time, you will come back better for your team when the business begins again.

This month’s All Stars Sales Call was the perfect reflection of the importance of housekeeping during the summer months. The things that you prioritize this quarter will determine your prosperity for the months and years to come. By finding time to focus all Five of the S', you will be setting yourself up for success. If you fail to do so, you will get stuck in the woods and fail to see the forest clearing.


Originally published Jun 28, 2017 under Explore the latest topics, updated February 2, 2024

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