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Success is in the Details: Understanding Your Product at a Micro-Level

By Star Report 3 min read

When it comes to selling homes, our knowledge of the building process can be the difference between making a successful sale and not. When we know even the smallest details about how our homes are built, we can be seen as a product expert and an ambassador for our builder partners. Communicating the 'why' behind the answers to our customers' construction questions not only fosters credibility, but places our product as a superior choice to the competition.  

In this day and age, homebuyers have more resources to aid them with their research than ever before.  We know that the majority of our customers start their search for a new home online, so it's essential we have answers for the in-depth questions they may ask. How many times have you gone to a store to buy a product and left feeling even more confused? Did you end up investing in that product? Probably not. This is why it's so important (and why New Home Star strives to train its sales professionals) to become an expert in more than just sales tactics.

Not only is understanding your product at a micro-level essential to customer relations but it plays an important part in builder relations as well. When meeting with our builders, project managers or superintendents, this knowledge allows us to comfortably use construction terminology and better understand our colleague's needs. There's no quicker way to build credibility with your builder than to be able to have a conversation about their own side of the industry; suddenly, we are more than "just another salesperson."

Finally, as mentioned earlier, once we're a product expert on our own homes we can easily translate this information into an effective competition study. When we know the in's and out's of our builder/community Unique Selling Proposition, we are able to better grasp that of our competitor's. Thus, we can communicate our advantages to a potential buyer.

So what can we do to become an expert? First, we can make certain we know as much as possible about standard inclusions and general construction specifications. There is a section that details these in every builder agreement, and we should be able to recite them at a moment's notice. Second, we should increase our time in the field. Walk your community with your superintendent or project manager, spend time with them on the job site, and ask them questions about things in the building process you don't understand. Often, this is the most valuable source of information.

It's impossible, of course, to know every single detail about the way our homes are built. However, I can tell you from first-hand experience that when a customer asks you, "How thick is the drywall on your ceilings?" you'll feel much better if you know the answer! These questions are an opportunity to strike up conversation, dive deeper into understanding your customer's wants and needs, and further their trust in making this exciting investment. 

As Selling Sales Manager for William Ryan Homes, Mike Fujihira has brought enthusiasm, sales expertise and a creative drive to the New Home Star team. He assists in developing new hires and furthering the company's vision to "Build the Best Sales Team in the World."

Originally published Aug 17, 2016 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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