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Simple Steps to Becoming a Salesperson of Integrity

By Star Report 2 min read

By Jon Peterson, Sales Director in Texas - New Home Star

I remember when I first got into real estate over 23 years ago and the nervous feeling I experienced as a result of breaking into a new industry. I focused on mastering the skills and fundamentals that would make me successful. However, what I quickly learned is when dealing with customers, it's great to be fundamentally sound, but even more important to display character and integrity at all times. To me, integrity looks like this:


1. Always do what you say you're going to do.

2. Consistently manage, and even exceed, your customer's expectations. 

Repeat these steps, and you will see immense results. For example, when you get swamped with work and decide to blow off a phone call or email that you said you'd get to, think again! It's something that can easily happen in any professional industry but can also be disrespectful and convey an attitude that you don't care. Something as simple as this can compromise integrity in the mind of a customer.

Answering emails may sound elementary, but if you stay on top of your game and do what you tell people you are going to do, everyone will reap the benefits; your customers will trust you and you will stand out as a result.


What's more important to creating a successful reputation is your mindset – what you do on a continual and habitual basis. The beauty of the human mind is that if you are not currently doing this, you can change your actions and start a new course today! Make up your mind to be the best salesperson, manager, director, etc. and start implementing successful tactics and processes that will enable you to have the reputation of a person with the utmost integrity. This is when you will begin to see positive changes. 



Jon Peterson has 22+ years of experience in the real estate industry and began his career with New Home Star in 2013. Today, he is the Sales Director for the Texas area and enjoys training, motivating, and setting up sales people for success. His favorite part of training agents on industry best practices is being part of the "aha" moments.

Originally published Oct 15, 2015 under Explore the latest topics, updated March 15, 2024

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